• 8 Must-Have Office Supplies For An Organized Workplace
    Post time: Dec-19-2018

    If you’ve resolved to improve your organization at workplace, a quick search on Amazon or a trip to your local office supply store is a good first step. If you just feel overwhelmed by all of the options stick with the basics, take this list of 8 must-have office supplies with you to make the rig...Read more »

  • 12 Easy Ways On How To Organize Office Supplies
    Post time: Dec-17-2018

    You do not need a desk to keep all your office supplies organized! Just get rid of unneeded items, be innovative with what space you have, and sort through the paperwork you’ve probably stacked up. You’ll then be able to find what you need exactly when you need them, no matter what you’re w...Read more »

  • 9 Steps On How To Start Office Supplies Business
    Post time: Dec-14-2018

    Office supplies business is essentially recession proof because “offices need a regular supply of their various needs day-to-day like paper, ink, paper clips and many other things. Schools are also big users of office supplies,” according to Start-up Biz Hub. Entrepreneurs can find a sustainable ...Read more »

  • 6 Tips On How To Save Money On Office Supplies
    Post time: Dec-12-2018

    With everything else that your business spends money on, office supplies might seem like little change, but when you add up the expenses over the time span of a year, your business could be spending a lot more money than it is necessary. When left unchecked, these costs can significantly cut into...Read more »

  • 13 Inventive Bullet Journal Ideas To Help You Stay Organized
    Post time: Dec-10-2018

    From a sticky note calender to a bullet journal notebook, TIANSE offer solutions for you to be more productive, organized and on-track every day. 01. Helpful Ways to Maximize the Impact of a Bullet Journal (Simple Weekly Layout Template from Kate Louise) A bullet journal is mainly a planner that...Read more »

  • NPD Market Research: Creative Stationery Supplies Set To Rise
    Post time: Dec-07-2018

    According to a market research conducted by The NPD Group, arts, crafts, and traditional supplies will be the top office products industry performers this holiday season. The Holiday Purchase Intentions Survey found that experiential gifting is trending in the USA, with 40% of customers planning...Read more »

  • How To Fix A Clogged 3D Printer Extruder
    Post time: Dec-05-2018

    Your 3D printer must melt and extrude many kilograms of plastics during its lifetime. To make things more complex, all of this plastic must exit the extruder through a small hole only as big as a single grain of sand. Unavoidably, there may come a time where something goes wrong with this process...Read more »

  • A Brief Guide On The Best Printing Temperature For Different Filaments
    Post time: Dec-03-2018

    Nowadays, there are various types of filaments you can print with, and each requires a unique printing temperature and environment. Here’s a brief guide on the best printing temperature for 4 most common filaments. The Importance Of Printing Temperature Regardless of the fact that almost every f...Read more »

  • How To Refill Ink Cartridges For HP Inkjet Printers
    Post time: Nov-30-2018

    Printer cartridges are surprisingly expensive. As an alternative, you can get it refilled at a store. However, the cheapest and effective alternative is to refill it all by yourself. Today, we’ll discuss how to refill ink cartridges for HP inkjet printers. Refilling HP ink cartridges is fairly st...Read more »

  • How To Change Ink Cartridge For HP Deskjet D4360, D4363, and D4368 Printers?
    Post time: Nov-28-2018

    Ever need to change your ink cartridges? Although each inkjet printer is a little bit different, they actually follow some basic steps. Today, we’ll discuss how to change ink cartridge for HP Deskjet D4360, D4363, and D4368 printers. When the ink cartridges are low or out of ink, you need to chan...Read more »

  • Time To Celebrate: TIANSE Grand Birthday Party Held In Beautiful November
    Post time: Nov-26-2018

    It’s November time in this beautiful autumn. It’s TIANSE’s long-held tradition to celebrate the birthday of her employees whose birth dates fall in November. (Employees Whose Birth Dates Fall in November) Ever since establishment, our company will elaborately hold a birthday party every month fo...Read more »

  • 5 Easy Ways To Deal With Print Not Sticking To The Bed
    Post time: Nov-23-2018

    It is of great importance that the first layer of your print is strongly bonded to the build platform of the printer so that the remainder of your print can be securely built on this foundation. If the first layer fails to stick to the build platform, it will cause problems later on. There are m...Read more »

  • 9 Steps On How To Print Sticker Labels In Microsoft Word 2010
    Post time: Nov-21-2018

    Microsoft Word allows us to create labels for a variety of purposes: address labels, labels for file folders or boxes, labels to identify your property, and so on. Label sheets which fit your inkjet printer can be bought in various sizes and styles. Today, we highlight 9 steps on how to print sti...Read more »

  • 8 Simple Tips To Make Your Printer Ink Last Longer
    Post time: Nov-20-2018

    In a world where printer ink and toner reportedly cost more than vintage champagne, printer users will do their utmost to find ways to make the most of their ink or toner whether they’re printing at home or in an office. In this article, we highlight 8 simple tips on how to make your printer ink ...Read more »

  • 10 Steps On How To Replace Ink Cartridge
    Post time: Nov-16-2018

    Need to replace your ink cartridge? Not know how to replace ink cartridge? Although each inkjet printer is a little bit different, they actually follow some general rules. Read through the steps below to find out the appropriate practices you should follow irrespective of what printer you are usi...Read more »

  • How To Cope With 3D Printer Filament Tangles?
    Post time: Nov-15-2018

    To make our customers have a wonderful and successful experience of TIANSE 3D printer filament during 3D printing, we have gathered the most common print quality problems encountered and frequently asked by our customers. We specially made this 3D printing column featuring different articles, in ...Read more »

  • White and Gold Office Supplies for A Beautiful, Organized Desk
    Post time: Nov-12-2018

    You spend innumerable hours at your desk, and yet it is probably a wasteland of dusty staplers, stacked papers, and empty water bottles. When you’re drowning in a sea of emails, it’s just easy to forget about organizing your work space. However, getting your life together will make you look more ...Read more »

  • How To Use A Comb Binding Machine: 8 Simple Steps
    Post time: Nov-09-2018

    An Overview Of Comb Binding Comb binding is an easy, effective and inexpensive method of book binding. It requires little setup to use a comb binder, and almost anyone can easily learn how to use a comb binding machine. Comb binding is one of many ways to bind pages together into a book. This me...Read more »

  • Why We Need A Binding Machine?
    Post time: Nov-07-2018

    Why We Need A Binding Machine It’s always rewarding to work on a project that makes us proud in the end, particularly if we were able to get our job done by using the right equipment. Working on a project with the best equipment at our disposal can determine the difference between success and fa...Read more »

  • An Overview Of The Common 3D Printer Filament Types
    Post time: Nov-01-2018

    3D printing refers to any of various processes in which material is built or solidified through computer control to create 3D objects. 3D printing is applied in both additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping. 3D prints can take almost any shape or geometry and typically are produced by use of ...Read more »

  • An Uncluttered Mind: Desktop Organizer Evolves In Its Own Way
    Post time: Oct-30-2018

    An uncluttered space is an uncluttered mind. Whether in ancient times or in modern times, desktop organizer plays an important role in making our desktop much tidier and more organized. Ever since ancient China, apart from the well-known “four treasures of the study” (writing brush, ink stick, in...Read more »