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  • Tianse 3D Filaments User Test Report (1)
    Post time: 08-13-2021

    Tianse 3D Filaments(Silk Pink PLA)Test         —Printed by BuddyDinec If you were like me and you saw the name of a filament you didn’t know you get a little scared. Not sure if there will be lots of changed needed to settings to get it to work well. No need to worry with this filamen...Read more »

  • Cyberpunk 2077 3D models Print
    Post time: 03-10-2021

    The printing of game content models has always been a hot spot for 3D printing. Cyberpunk (2077Cyberpunk 2077), which has recently become popular, has provided us with a lot of exquisite printing objects. The game is a role-playing game in which the role played by the player engages in exciting a...Read more »

  • Top 9 3D Prints Printed in TIANSE Silk PLA 3D Printer Filament
    Post time: 11-05-2019

    Several weeks have passed since TIANSE has released its new series of Silk PLA. TIANSE 1.75mm silk PLA 3D printer filament is so silky that it looks like coating with a crystal-clear body. It looks metallic and the color is just fabulous which will give your prints smooth surface and shiny finish...Read more »

  • Trick or Treat – Top 9 Halloween 3D Prints to Bring Your Celebration to Next Level
    Post time: 10-25-2019

    We are in October and Halloween is right around the corner. The Halloween season is full of incredible costumes and spooky decorations. Finding awesome Halloween decorations can be a challenge, but with 3D printing you can make something unique. So how can 3D printing help take it all up a nudge?...Read more »

  • 5 Great 3D Models to Print Iconic Villain Joker with That Sinister Smile
    Post time: 10-17-2019

    Published by DC Comics, the Joker is portrayed as a psychopath criminal mastermind with a warped, sadistic sense of humor. The Joker has had several possible origin stories during his decades of appearances. The most common story involves him falling into a tank of chemical waste that bleaches hi...Read more »

  • Pokémon Go – 7 Best 3D Printable Low-Poly Pokémon Models
    Post time: 08-27-2019

    Pokémon, also known as “Pocket Monsters” in Japan, is a media franchise managed by The Pokémon Company. Created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995, it is centered on fictional creatures called “Pokémon”, which humans (known as Pokémon Trainers) catch and train to battle each other ...Read more »

  • 10 Popular 3D Printed Busts from Famous TV Series, Movies and Cartoons
    Post time: 08-22-2019

    A bust is a sculptured, painted, drawn, or engraved representation of the upper part of the human figure, especially a portrait sculpture displaying only the head and shoulders of the subject. With desktop 3D printers becoming more and more affordable and accessible, there are more and more bust-...Read more »

  • 3D Print Your Own T-Rex – 8 Best Curated Models
    Post time: 08-21-2019

    Apart from being one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs that ever lived, Tyrannosaurus rex – T. rex or T-Rex, for short – is the carnivorous dinosaur that has arguably received the most media coverage. Everything about this vicious predator, from its thick, heavy skull to its 4-foot...Read more »

  • Make Your 3D Printing Projects Glow with LEDs – 5 Best Models
    Post time: 08-14-2019

    3D designs and models take many different forms, but unique LED lamps and light structures are one type of 3D printing project that always seem to win the favor of the 3D maker community. By combining LED lights, electronics, and other non-printed components, the potential to make practical or ae...Read more »