3 Must-Have 3D Printing Books

Need a straightforward guide to the magic world of 3D printing? Below are 3 must-have 3D printing books to feed your interest. Each of them will become a great resource for your 3D printing inquiries!

1. Make: Getting Started with 3D Printing

Make - Getting Started with 3D Printing

This book is written by Liza Wallach Kloski and Nick Kloski. Make: Getting Started with 3D Printing is a ground-up guide to 3D printing, which explores everything from the history of 3D printing to hands-on exercises to the best hardware for users. If you are new to or interested in 3D printing, this book is a must-have!

Reader’s Note from Lauren Williams:
“This is by far my favorite 3D printing book I have read in the past 4 years! I decided to try this book because it had useful info on 3D printing and 3 different types of modeling software. The trouble shooting section was a real life savor. This book covers everything and helped me a lot when I couldn’t figure out how to fix my prints. I’m not very tech savvy and found other books harder to follow. I found this book the easiest to understand. I highly recommend it.”

2. 3D Printing For Dummies (2nd Edition)

3D Printing For Dummies

This book is written by Richard Horne and Kalani Kirk Hausman. As a great guide to 3D printing, 3D Printing For Dummies includes introductory guides to 3D designing, scanning, slicing, and printing.

Reader’s Note from Amazon Review:
“Extremely informative. While not having enough information to make you an expert, it does have enough information to explain to you the fundamentals of 3d printing and the effects it will have on society and the world! If you would like a bit of background on 3d printing and materials, this book is perfect for you.”

3. The 3D Printing Handbook

The 3D Printing Handbook

This book is written by Ben Redwood, Filemon Schöffer and Brian Garret. Released by 3DHubs, as an all-in-one handbook to 3D printing, The 3D Printing Handbook explains different 3D printing technologies, limitations, designs, tools, and applications. This handbook is definitely a must-have addition to your 3D printing library.

Reader’s Note from Dave Nordling
“This handbook gives readers a bottoms-up, plain-language fundamental description of each 3D printing technology with enough detail to understand the differences between them. Even having some experience with 3D printing, I found this book’s summarization and quantitative recommendations to be very useful. This book is worth the money.”

With a book about 3D printing in hand, you can find reliable content about software, hardware, projects, tutorials, troubleshooting, and much more, all in one place.

Happy 3D Printing and Happy New Year!


Post time: Dec-28-2018