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  • China’s first 3D printer concrete bookstore completed on Wisdom Bay
    Post time: 02-20-2021

    The School of Architecture of Tsinghua University successfully built a 3D printed concrete bookstore in Shanghai Wisdom Bay Innovation Park. This building resembling a Bluetooth headset will be China’s first 3D printed concrete bookstore. The building will take about one month to build from...Read more »

  • How much filament do I need For 3D Printing?
    Post time: 02-07-2021

    As a beginner 3D printing hobbyist, when we waited expectantly for the arrival of the first 3D printer we purchased, we always considered how much 3D print filament I need to prepare for printing? Maybe some printer vendors will give away a small roll of filament along with the printer, but this...Read more »

  • 6 Best 3D Printer Test Print Models
    Post time: 01-27-2021

    Calibrating a 3D printer is a troublesome thing for 3D printing enthusiasts, especially for novices. Of course, it is no exception for enthusiasts with printing experience. The machine settings of each 3D printer sales manufacturer are almost different. We need to spend a lot of effort when testi...Read more »

  • TIANSE Silk PLA Filament Creates Glossy Prints in A Beautiful Finish
    Post time: 09-26-2019

    With regard to 3D printing material, the Standard type (PLA, TPU, ABS) can almost meet most of 3D printing requirements, like strength, toughness, durability and post-processing. However, for some other special parts and purposes, common material’s properties cannot meet the requirement. Th...Read more »

  • TIANSE Tangle-Free Super PLA 3D Printer Filament Gives You Best Tangle-Free 3D Printing Experience
    Post time: 09-26-2019

    Are you tired of knots or tangles on filament spools that ruin your hours of printing? Are you looking for an all-around filament to get you started with your first 3D prints? Are you aiming for stress-free and tangle-free 3D printing experience to achieve the best printing results? If so, you sh...Read more »

  • Direct vs Bowden Extruder – Pros and Cons of Direct and Bowden Extrusion
    Post time: 08-26-2019

    One of the most essential parts of a 3D printer is the extruder which pushes filament to the hot end to be melted and extruded. All extruders share three key components: s stepper motor, a drive gear, and an idler. Though the parts of extruders are virtually all alike, there are two different typ...Read more »

  • A Beginner’s Guide – What Material Should I Use for 3D Printing?
    Post time: 08-20-2019

    Once you have purchased your first 3D printer and have moved on to start printing, you need to ask yourself what material should I use for 3D printing. Different materials have different properties and are suited to certain parts. The filament you use can greatly affect your final prints. Thus, i...Read more »

  • What’s the Advantage and Disadvantage of Continuous Ink Supply Systems?
    Post time: 07-31-2019

    In the past, printing solutions can cost you thousands of cash, particularly if you’re engaged in bulk printing or frequent printing. However, with the advent of Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) in the marketplace today, each one of us can enjoy the benefits of affordable and accessible ...Read more »

  • 2 Major Ways on How to Recycle Used PLA Filament
    Post time: 07-29-2019

    3D printing has been touted as a way to reduce the impact we have on our environment. However, most of the time we’re all too much familiar with a pile of failed 3D prints, which exert a negative impact on the environment surrounding us. Today, with PLA being a very popular 3D printing mate...Read more »

  • Can I Really Save Money Just by Switching Fonts: 5 Ink-Friendly Fonts
    Post time: 07-18-2019

    It’s no secret that printer manufacturers and vendors don’t actually make their money on the printers themselves, and their profits mainly lie in the ink and toner those printers consume later on an ongoing basis. So, here’s my question – “Can I really save money just by s...Read more »

  • Are Remanufactured Ink Cartridges Reliable – Remanufactured vs Compatible Cartridges
    Post time: 07-16-2019

    Purchasing ink or toner for your printer can be challenging, especially when there is such a wide variety of products to choose from laser toner, inkjet cartridges, OEM, compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges. It is therefore not always easy to know which one is right for you. Compatible p...Read more »

  • 4 Simple Solutions on How to Recycle Printer Cartridges
    Post time: 07-11-2019

    Old or used printer cartridges can pile up quickly, especially if you have more than one printer or print on a very frequent basis. With more than 350 million ink and toner cartridges ending up in our landfills every year, proper printer cartridge recycling is more important than ever. Printer ca...Read more »

  • Why I Need to Change Chip on Toner Cartridge – All You Need to Know
    Post time: 07-09-2019

    Each time a warning message shows on your PC informing you that your printer’s toner is low, you have a toner cartridge chip to thank. These chips, also known as printer or cartridge smart chips, are used by printers to monitor the reserves and levels of your present toner cartridge. When c...Read more »

  • What Is Copier Toner Made Of – Basics To Know
    Post time: 06-26-2019

    What is the most common work in a conventional office? Printing various types of stuff for work, right? Sometimes, you need to use a copier or sometimes you need to use a laser printer for the accuracy. However, in either case, you need to use a toner, one of the main components of a photocopier ...Read more »

  • TIANSE: Your Leading Supplier of Compatible Label Tapes
    Post time: 05-14-2019

    Whether to keep your office supplies organized or to label your fixed assets for easy identification; whether for labeling uses in homes, offices, schools, warehouses or hotels, or for labeling folders, files, shelves, books, accessories, etc.; or whether for outdoor and indoor applications, you ...Read more »

  • 2019: Advice From 3D Filament Maker – Tips On Developing Your 3D Filament Business
    Post time: 05-14-2019

    3D printing is gaining more and more popularity and 3D printers are becoming less expensive and more affordable, all of which contribute to a huge demand for high-quality high-performance 3D printer filament. With a strong eagerness to enter, build and develop your own 3D printer filament busines...Read more »

  • 2019: Ideas On Selecting Right Printer Cartridge Supplier
    Post time: 05-14-2019

    Finding the right supplier is crucial to every business. However, selecting the right printer cartridge supplier involves much more than examining a series of price lists. A great variety of factors such as quality, price, reliability, service needs to be taken into account regarding how to find ...Read more »

  • World’s Longest 3D-Printed Concrete Bridge Unveiled in Shanghai, China
    Post time: 03-19-2019

    (World’s Longest 3D-Printed Concrete Bridge Opens in Shanghai, China) Image Credit: Tsinghua University Don’t let the humble appearance of this new concrete footbridge fool you. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of a big deal, now being the longest 3D-printed pedestrian bridge in the world. The 26....Read more »

  • Top 10 Best Sites To Download Free STL Files & 3D Printer Models
    Post time: 03-13-2019

    There are many STL files repositories, 3D model marketplaces, and 3D design search engines available online. 3D makers need 3D printable models before starting 3D printing. STL files are the most common 3D printing file formats. Therefore, we searched the Internet to create the list of top 10 bes...Read more »

  • 9 Steps On How To Start Office Supplies Business
    Post time: 12-14-2018

    Office supplies business is essentially recession proof because “offices need a regular supply of their various needs day-to-day like paper, ink, paper clips and many other things. Schools are also big users of office supplies,” according to Start-up Biz Hub. Entrepreneurs can find a sustainable ...Read more »

  • NPD Market Research: Creative Stationery Supplies Set To Rise
    Post time: 12-07-2018

    According to a market research conducted by The NPD Group, arts, crafts, and traditional supplies will be the top office products industry performers this holiday season. The Holiday Purchase Intentions Survey found that experiential gifting is trending in the USA, with 40% of customers planning...Read more »

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