Office Supplies Solution

Office supplies are very common in everyday offices, which play a very important role in everyone’s lives. As one of the world’s professional manufacturers of office stationery, TIANSE manufactures the widest range of office supplies mainly covering office paper, notebooks, file management, writing instruments, desktop supplies, accounting supplies, presentation supplies and office storage products, ranging from photocopy paper, printing paper, file boxes, file bags, pens, pencils to staplers, scissors, knives, pen holders, calculators, whiteboards and office storage organizers, etc.

One-Stop Solution for Office Supplies

1.    Technical Advantages

a)    Emphasis on Design and Creativity

At TIANSE, we value original design and creative ideas. We are constantly striving to make innovations and improvements on our products to make them much smarter, more practical and more user-friendly, truly making office life more colorful and more efficient.

b)    Strong R&D Capability

With a professional R&D team and a specially established branding department, from product research, to product design and process manufacturing design, and to final normal production, we continue to explore the customers’ core needs and keep up with the industry trends. The new products development takes on a trend towards innovation, functionalization and intelligence, and several important achievements have been made.

c)    Wide Range of Product Lines

TIANSE currently has a wide range of office product lines, covering office paper, notebooks, file management, writing instruments, desktop supplies, accounting supplies, presentation supplies and office storage products, etc. Office needs are extensive and diverse. We are committed to meeting all of them.

d)    Big Data Application

We have big data applied in the sales of office supplies. With such data as ordering frequency, ordering amount, procurement cycle, budget control, purchase history, etc., we can precisely set smart procurement process for our customers, reducing their purchasing time and improving purchasing efficiency and customer experience.

2.    Service Advantages

a)    One-Stop Service

With advanced supply chain management, service-oriented concept and active onsite services, we provide customers with one-stop service from purchasing planning to logistics distribution and then to after-sales support, effectively reducing or avoiding the numerous drawbacks brought about by passive services.

b)    Excellent Customer Support

Making every customer satisfied is our No.1 priority. With stable supply chains, customer-oriented concept and a professional customer service team, we provide all-around and considerate pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services to all our customers all the time.

c)    Rich Industry Experience

Practice makes perfect. With more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, we have established rich customer resources, maintained good business relationships with our partners and have successfully provided services for more than one million enterprise users. TIANSE maintains good business reputation and has high customer loyalty.

d)    Personalized and Customized Services

Each office is unique in its own way. With self-developed products and customized services, TIANSE brand products have a very strong adaptability to meet the ever-changing needs of the customers. We offer customized service and OEM service. We welcome and support enterprise customization.

3.    Application Scenarios

a)    For Enterprises and Institutions

They have a very large demand for office stationery and put emphasis on product quality, practicability, convenience for purchase and ease of use. At TIANSE, we have always attached great importance to product quality, followed ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 international environmental management system, and provided customers with comprehensive pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services and one-stop procurement to meet their requirement for wide product categories and diverse procurement needs.

b)    For Government Organizations and Institutions

They have a very large demand for office stationery and have strict procurement control. Purchasing personnel in these organizations and institutions are required to purchase office products with great practicability, high quality and low price. With a focused attitude on quality and strict quality control process, TIANSE is always committed to creating cost-effective products to meet the procurement needs of office stationery for government organizations and institutions.

c)    For Non-Profit Organizations Such as Schools

Non-profit organizations such as schools have a very large demand for office stationery, especially consumable items like paper, pens and notebooks, etc. The majority of consumable items purchased by schools are often distributed to students, who are the first buyers, users and communicators of new products. Our company has a special and independent product department to develop innovative, functional and intelligent products to satisfactorily meet the needs of students and their desire for using innovative products.

d)    For Scattered Users

The office stationery demand is small, and the customers are more scattered. As always, our company is dedicated to providing scattered customers with high quality products and services. Long-term stable product quality and excellent service is the fundamental to maintain customers.

Choose TIANSE, we’ll offer you high quality and reasonably-priced products with innovative design, rich colors and practical functions. We’ll help you to reduce the purchasing cost, to avoid scattered purchases and to improve the use value of office supplies and customer satisfaction, making your office life more efficient, more well-organized and more vibrant.

Post time: Mar-01-2017