How to use tianse comb binding machine for perfect binding?

The brand new binding machine must be freed from oil before it is used for the first time. To this end, 9 pre-perforated punched strips are enclosed, which are supposed to absorb the oil. You can then get a feel for the force that is necessary when punching. And oil will be absorbed by the strips.


1. The setting

It is relatively simple because the punched holes are indicated on the machine plate, including the dimensions of the three most common paper sizes (DINA4, DINA5, LETTER). for other paper sizes you have to make test punchings.
The red position button is relatively large and can be positioned exactly.


2. Number of sheets

Normally a maximum of 12 sheets should be used, that is possible. But I take a maximum of 8 sheets, why? The sheets must move very well in the punching gap. In particular, all of the leaves have to be connected, none of them are allowed to protrude. By pushing back and forth it is achieved at the same time that all sheets really come to rest on the longitudinal axis of the punch. This prevents a crooked die cut.

3. Insertion into the spiral

Here you should be generous and take one size too much rather than too little. Not only does it make threading easier, but it also makes scrolling smoother. You can orientate yourself on the table.
In this case, the punch lever is also the expanding lever for the spine when you push the lever in the other direction (away from you). Here you can also feel that a brake is installed that holds the selected lever position. In this way you can achieve an optimal spread for the binding spine of different diameters.


4. Use more than 150 sheets

I mention this point because other binding machines in the same price range do not always allow this, hence the high binding racks.
This enables a spread of almost 40 mm to be achieved.




5. Paper feed

The paper feed for the punched tape can be selected differently: 3.4 or 5 mm feed. Is of particular use if there is only a very narrow left-hand margin for binding.


6. Instructions for use

is postcard size, the font size is just legible. The text is understandable. The main image is labeled with the correct technical terms (exception: Base = machine plate).

7. Supplied spines

It comes with 100 spines with a diameter of 10mm (40-60 sheets).
A mixture of different sizes would have been better, e.g. diameter: 10, 14, 20, 25 – number:
20, 20, 15, 15 pieces.


Solid, well-built device that creates additional options for its price range (no test punching, up to 450 pages can be bound, etc.). 

Post time: Oct-29-2021