Printer Consumables Solution

As one of the world’s professional manufacturers of printer consumables, TIANSE is specialized in printer toner cartridges/toner kit, copier toner cartridges/toner kit, ink cartridges, 3D printer filament, refill toner, ribbon cartridges, label tapes, thermal transfer ribbons and etc.

One-Stop Solution for Printer Consumables

1. Technical Advantages

a) High Compatibility
With high compatibility, TIANSE is a material engineer whose printer consumables can be compatible with more than 98% of the world’s mainstream printer models, effectively eliminating customers’ procurement concerns.
b) Strong R&D Capability
With a professional R&D team, we attach great importance to innovation and design. We hold several patents, have many self-developed products and are striving to make innovations and improvements on our products.
c) Outstanding Energy-Saving & Environmental Performance
TIANSE uses energy-saving and environmental-friendly materials, for example, the baking temperature of TIANSE carbon powder is much lower than that of its competitors’, which can effectively reduce the ozone emissions in baking printing and is conducive to healthy office environment and environmental protection.
d) Stable and Excellent Output Effects
With smaller carbon particles and more evenly arranged design, the printing experience is much more stable and excellent with clearer exquisite output, lifelike colors and lower rate of waste powder.

2. Service Advantages

a) One-Stop Service
With advanced supply chain management, service-oriented concept and active onsite services, we provide customers with one-stop service from purchasing planning to logistics distribution and then to after-sales support, effectively reducing or avoiding the numerous drawbacks brought about by passive services.
b) Excellent Customer Support
Making every customer satisfied is our NO.1 priority. With stable supply chains, customer-oriented concept and a professional customer service team, we provide all-around and considerate pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services to all our customers all the time.
c) Rich Industry Experience
Practice makes perfect. With more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, we have developed rich product lines, established rich customer resources, maintained good business relationships with our partners  and successfully provided services for more than one million enterprise users.
d) Personalized and Customized Services
Each office is unique in its own way. With self-developed products and customized services, TIANSE brand products have a very strong adaptability to meet the ever-changing needs of the customers. We offer customized service and OEM service. We welcome and support enterprise customization.

3. Application Scenarios
a) For Government Agencies and Institutions
There is a frequent need to print important documents in daily government affairs, which has very strict requirements for smooth printing, lifelike color output, waterproof, light resistance and long-term preservation features. Meanwhile, customers from government agencies and institutions also pay attention to innovative design and environmental protection of products. TIANSE brand series of toner cartridges and ink cartridges can fully meet their needs.

b) For Financial, Telecom and Medical Industries, etc.
There is a huge and diverse printing demand in financial, telecom and medical industries, covering laser printer and inkjet printer consumables. TIANSE brand printer consumables are of wide range and high quality, the printing output is black and exquisite with lifelike colors, regardless of whether they are toner cartridges, ink cartridges or ribbons. TIANSE has a complete printer consumables production line, which can fully meet the industry needs for one-stop purchase of printer consumables.

c) For Professional Customers in Advertising Design and Photography, etc.
Most of their printing needs are in large format color printing output, which require very high printing quality. Also, with repeated proofreading of design manuscripts and pictures, the printing workload is made much heavier. With high performance and price ratio, TIANSE series of ink cartridges can present amazing printing effect even on ordinary papers, which can satisfactorily meet the personalized printing needs of the customers.

d) For Large and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Their printing quantity is very large and printing demand is diverse. Apart from daily office document printing, they also need to perform various individualized printing on ordinary paper, coated paper and other printing medium, etc. Customers from large and medium-sized enterprises hope to cut down the printing cost and at the same time meet the high-quality printing requirement. TIANSE brand large-capacity toner cartridges and high-end pigment ink cartridges can fully meet customers’ diverse printing needs.

e) For Ordinary Offices
Mainly include SOHO, small-sized enterprises and other customers. Their printing quantity is small and printing quality requirement is not very high. They usually pay more attention to the product’s performance-price ratio. TIANSE brand series of toner cartridges can be repeatedly used according to different printer types, which is very economical and very suitable for their printing needs.

Choose TIANSE, there is no need for you to purchase the high-priced original consumables. We’ll help you to reduce the office operation costs for consumables and to avoid counterfeit and shoddy consumables. We are committed to offering professional and customized services to all our customers, letting them truly enjoy the conveniences one-stop service brings to them.

Post time: Mar-12-2017