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If you are looking for a binding machine that can be used in an office or workspace, you have now come to the right place. We have more affordable binding machines and book binding supplies than any other company on the Internet. We provide equipment for traditional plastic combs, wire, and spiral coil binding machines and update equipment products in real-time. We support wholesale and retail high-quality binding machines, cost-effective, and instant service.

Tianse Binding Machine

1. Technical Advantages

a) Strong R&D Capability

With a professional R&D team, we attach great importance to innovation and design. We hold several patents, have many self-developed products and are striving to make innovations and improvements on our binding machine products.

b) Easy To Punch and Bind

Every binding machine of Tianse is easy to use. Just align the gutters, punch holes and bind them! The effect after punching is beautiful and fashionable. Allows you to quickly and easily create professional-looking bound books at home or in the office.

c) Humanized Full Handle & Detailed Craftsmanship

Tianse binding machine is equipped with a dual-function manual single handle and double handle, which allows you to punch and bind holes on your documents with your left or right hand. Sturdy metal structure, durable. In addition, there is a non-slip foot design at the bottom of the binding machine, which is not easy to slide during operation and is convenient to use.

d) Advanced Sharp Cutting Blades

Advanced carbide cutting blades ensure accurate cutting power, allowing you to punch holes in up to 15 sheets of paper at a time without any misaligned holes or loose pages with burrs.

e) Adjustable Table Edge Guide

TIANSE binding machine is suitable for Letter Size (19 holes), A4 Size (21 holes), A5 Size (15 holes). With adjustable side and edge guide,  machine also ensures a precise alignment with each document your bind, and you can easily customize the paper margin: 2.5mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm.

How to Choosing Your Binding Machine?

Tianse Comb Binding Machine –BM-1245

Punching and binding using a comb binding machine account for the most commonly used and most popular binding method, which can usually be seen in schools, libraries, and company offices. The comb binding machine is quick and simple to bind. Take the tianse BM-1245 comb binding machine as an example. This comb binding machine has 21 holes and can provide basic binding functions for documents up to 450 pages. Flat and easy to maintain. This type of binding machine ranks stable in the top five on Amazon. It is profoundly loved by consumers and is very friendly to beginners. The comb binding machine is ideal for those who are looking for a quick and cost-effective way to bind items that do not require staying power or are too professional.

Tianse comb binding machine

Tianse Dual handle Comb Binding Machine — BM-1255

Tianse BM-1255 comb binding machine can be regarded as an upgraded version of BM-1245. The biggest feature of this type of binding machine is the use of a double-sided handle, and a durable protective cover is mounted on the middle of the handle. The overall design is ergonomic, and the handle feels very good when pressed. We have likewise made some changes in appearance, with pure black shape and polygonal lines, the appearance is professional and perfect.
Add a professional finish to presentations, handbooks, proposals by binding your papers with a TIANSE binding machine. The lightweight and compact design make it easy to operate and move around. Advanced carbide blades save you time and energy by allowing you to punch holes accurately without any misalignment holes. This binder also has a waste drawer that stores paper scraps keeping your workspace tidy.
Tianse BM-1255′s integrated document measuring device makes paper setting easy. The dual-functional handle can move both to the right and left, saving you time and energy. Using it is easy. All you need to do aligns your papers and punch them in. Be confident while purchasing this machine because it has been protected before packaging. Besides, it is very durable and can punch up to 12000 times.

Tianse Dual handle Comb Binding Machine

Tianse Spiral Coil Binding Machines — BM-S2050A

This is the primary spiral binding machine newly launched by Tianse. It has a professional and perfect appearance, and the blue fluorescent body is impressive. The biggest feature of this type of binding machine is the use of electric coil inserts to speed up the requisite speed, save a lot of work time and energy, and can quickly and easily create professional-looking binding books. The equipment is equipped with 46 separate pin dies, which allows you to control the position of the punching hole of the binding machine to meet the binding of large and non-standard pages.

Tianse Spiral Coil Binding Machines

2.Service Advantages

a) Rich Industry Experience

With years’experience in the FDM printing industry, we have established rich customer resources, maintained good business relationships with our partners, and have successfully provided binding machine supplies for a vast number of personal and enterprise users.

b) Excellent Customer Support

Making every customer satisfied is our NO.1 priority. With stable supply chains, customer-oriented concepts, and a professional customer support team, we provide all-around and considerate pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services to all our customers all the time.

c) Customized Services & Tailored Solutions

With self-developed products and customized services, TIANSE brand products have very strong adaptability to meet the ever-changing needs of the customers. We offer customized services, tailored solutions, and OEM&ODM services. We welcome and support enterprise customization. Moreover, you can buy binding machine supplies. to use Tianse binding machine

The binding machine is utilized to bind a series of documents, including manuals, documents, quotations, books, etc. The use of binders helps to handle the company’s internal printing, rather than paying for delivery to an external company for production.
There are various types of binding machines on the market, they have various shapes and sizes, and the commonly used binding methods are comb and coil. Although the methods used are very different, the process of their work is similar. So how do we use the requisite machine we bought? Most bookbinding machines can be operated in only three steps.

Step 1-The machine needs to be debugged before use. The first step is to adjust the side margins to ensure that the file can be positioned in the proper position for punching. The second step is to take a piece of paper for the punch test. If the punching is smooth, you can enter the normal work, anyway, do further debug until the punching can be done correctly.

Step 2-After debugging, you can start punching and binding. First, insert the file, then press down on the handle and lift the handle to complete the hole. The number of paper punched by the equipment at one time is more than 12, and the number of paper bound depends on the capacity of the machine, and the capacity of each machine is different.

Step 3-After punching holes for the document. It can staples. For a comb binding machine, you need to put the comb ring on the thick surface of the comb plate and open it, then push the handle back and open the comb ring, put the punched document on the comb ring, pull the handle back, and bind the file It’s finished. For the electric spiral coil binding machine, you need to roll the comb around the document hole a few times, align the rubber roller and press the button until the spring-like coil passes through all the holes and stops.

The operation of the binding machine is very simple, and most of the machines on the market are that way, and most people are easy to use. For the specific functional operation of the binding machine, you can also check our previous article description.

 4.Application Range

Common scenarios for binding machines are offices, business negotiations, schools, homes, and more. Tianse binding machine adopts a lightweight design. The comb binding machine weighs between 6-8 pounds and the size is between 14-17 inches, which is convenient for work and carry, and has a wide range of usage scenarios.

Tianse binding machine Application Range

Post time: Mar-26-2021