Binding Machine Solution

Tianse One-Stop Solution for Binding Machine

If you are looking for a binding machine that can be used in an office or workspace, you have now come to the right place. We have more affordable binding machines and book binding supplies than any other company on the Internet. We provide equipment for traditional plastic combs, wire, and spiral coil binding machines and update equipment products in real-time. We support wholesale and retail high-quality binding machines, cost-effective, and instant service.

1. Technical Advantages

a) Strong R&D Capability

With a professional R&D team, we attach great importance to innovation and design. We hold several patents, have many self-developed products and are striving to make innovations and improvements on our binding machine products.

b) Easy To Punch and Bind

Every binding machine of Tianse is easy to use. Just align the gutters, punch holes and bind them! The effect after punching is beautiful and fashionable. Allows you to quickly and easily create professional-looking bound books at home or in the office.

c) Humanized Full Handle & Detailed Craftsmanship

Tianse binding machine is equipped with a dual-function manual single handle and double handle, which allows you to punch and bind holes on your documents with your left or right hand. Sturdy metal structure, durable. In addition, there is a non-slip foot design at the bottom of the binding machine, which is not easy to slide during operation and is convenient to use.

d) Advanced Sharp Cutting Blades

Advanced carbide cutting blades ensure accurate cutting power, allowing you to punch holes in up to 15 sheets of paper at a time without any misaligned holes or loose pages with burrs.


TIANSE binding machine is suitable for Letter Size (19 holes), A4 Size (21 holes), A5 Size (15 holes). With adjustable side and edge guide,  machine also ensures a precise alignment with each document your bind, and you can easily customize the paper margin: 2.5mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm.

Post time: Mar-26-2021