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3D Filaments

Where do you sell filament?

We have Amazon stores in Europe and America for sale, please go to the link of each filament product to check your country or region.

If you need to buy wholesale, we support any country or region! Please contact us!

What is the printe temperature of your PLA filament?

Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature​: 190°C - 220°C
Recommended Base Plate/Print Bed Temperature: No heated/(20 - 70)°C

Is PLA filament food safe?

Currently, the FDA has not approved PLA as a food safe material. However, the equivalent of the FDA within the European Union declared PLA food safe a long time ago.

However, for liability reasons, Tianse cannot recommend using PLA with food products as per the current FDA recommendation.

Is your filament compatible with (X) printer?

Tianse filament is compatible with any printer that has an open filament system and accepts either 1.75mm or 3mm filament. Be sure you select the correct diameter of filament for your printer!

Why can't the filaments stick to the build bed easy?

1. You need to apply a thin layer of tick glue to the print platform.

2. Check the temperature setting before printing, PLA filaments have lower extrusion temperature (180 - 220°C).

3. If the first layer has poor adhesion, it is recommended to re-level the print substrate to reduce the distance between the nozzle and the surface plate.

What's the diameter of the spool?

It is the standard 8 inches

Approximately how many meters or feet are in this 1kg spool?

Depending on the density of the material it may have close to 300m of filament (1800 ft).

Will this work with my printer?

All PLA will work in all printers. You just have to find the correct temperature for your printer. I have found that printers do not agree on temperature and that you have to hunt to find what your printer thinks it is. It is best to start in the middle of the suggested range. If you are too stringy or have lots of "zits" in your sidewalls then you are too hot and should back off 5 at a time. If your infill is "rough" or incomplete then go up 5. Sometimes you have to drop your print speed to get good prints. Good luck and have fun!

Why has my filament become brittle?

Brittleness is usually the result of improper storage. Between prints, we recommend removing the filament from the printer and placing it back in the bag it came in with the desiccant pack (silica gel).  For added security, we keep ours in a sealed plastic bag with the lid on and out of direct sunlight.

While printing, my filament makes a popping/hissing sound and the prints are not turning out. What's going on?

Unfortunately, the roll you received was defective. While our Quality Control is very high, sometimes defective rolls make it through. Please contact the Tianse or the Authorized Dealer with your order number and a picture of your defective roll/print, and they should be able to assist you. (PLEASE NOTE: If your filament was purchased through a 3rd party seller, please contact them for assistance)

Do you sell spools that are larger than 1KG?

As of right now, we carry the 1KG and 5KG spool size.

How do I get my filament to stick to the print bed?

Generally, you can use painters’ tape on the bed to help create a surface that can provide more adhesiveness. We would also recommend using a glue stick for prints that are having a really hard time sticking.

Please note that you should check to make sure that your heated bed is turned on as that will also help to improve adhesion.

After printing, how should I take care of it?

1. Please store 3D printer filament in a cool dry place after each print.

2. Be sure to insert the free end of the PLA filament into the holes to avoid being tangled for next time use.

3. If there is no print plan within a few days, retract the filament to protect the printer nozzle.

I just printed out something that looks really awesome! Can I share it with you?

Of course! We love to see what your making! Please tag us at @tianse_office when posting on social media!

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