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Does have a video of how your machine works?


This is our youtube video:  tianse binding machine word


Does it work for US letter sized pages?

Yes, it can do.

How many sheets does a 3/8” comb bind?

That would depend on the thickness of the paper and the front and back cover pages. Generally, using card stock for the front and back cover and 20 lb weight paper 25 pages seems to work well.

What does the margin selector in the back do?

It changes how close the holes are to the edge of the page.

What kind/brand of combs can be used in this machine? Do they need to be 21 or 19?

It can do both

Can I make a small book? Like 6 x 9 or 5 x 8 inches book

Yes, indeed, you can make a small book. You will just need to cut the comb to the proper length once you have bound the book.

How many books can you make with the machine? How many pages in each book? Do I need to order anything else with the machine?

You can make as many books as you would like. Pages per book depend on the size of the combs you buy.

My machine is hard to punch (8 pages) and I hurt my shoulder trying to finish a project. Is this normal or can it be oiled to make it easier?

You should check if where the paper go in is something stuck.

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