NPD Market Research: Creative Stationery Supplies Set To Rise

According to a market research conducted by The NPD Group, arts, crafts, and traditional supplies will be the top office products industry performers this holiday season.

Holiday Season

The Holiday Purchase Intentions Survey found that experiential gifting is trending in the USA, with 40% of customers planning to give these types of presents this year.

Experiential Gifts

NPD expects to see an increase in sales of a range of writing instruments stemming from holiday craft activities like home décor, ornament decoration and the popularity of hand lettering.

TIANSE Retractable Gel Pen

(TIANSE Retractable Gel Pen, 5 Colors)

Sales of porous, gel and fountain pens as well as dual, ultra and extra fine color markers have grown 8% in the lead up to the season.

TIANSE Business Fountain Pen
(TIANSE Business Fountain Pen)

TIANSE Highlighter Pens

(TIANSE Highlighter Pens, 6 Colors)

What’s more, the survey also found a preference for purchasing craft products in-store as opposed to online. 95% of purchases for paint brushes, acrylic paints, specialty notecards and canvases are conducted in-person.

Post time: Dec-07-2018