Create Office Life Aesthetics – TIANSE Actively Co-organizes Marketing Culture New Ecology

Organized by Shenzhen WestPoint Experiential Education Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as WestPoint Experiential Education), and co-organized by Shenzhen ASTA Official Consumable Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Sanheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., Marketing Culture New Ecology and Experience Marketing Integrated Solutions Sharing Meeting was successfully held in Kexing Science Park on October 25th, 2017. As a co-organizer, TIANSE actively co-organized this sharing meeting and provided some sponsorship.


Achieve A Win-Win Result
WestPoint Experiential Education focuses on the development and application of China’s experiential education and training, aims to build a high-performance team using experiential education methods, and provides services to enterprises, organizations and the society. This concept is in line with the “Win-Win” idea advocated by TIANSE brand: “To uphold win-win or all-win mentality for common growth and value sharing among employees, customers, enterprises and the society”.


Moreover, TIANSE sponsored the Lucky Draw on the spot, providing large-value TIANSE vouchers for the customers, which highlights the sharing meeting.

Create Office Life Aesthetics
This co-organization is a golden opportunity for TIANSE to test its brand and products, which represents TIANSE’s long-held determination of “Create The Aesthetics Of Office Life, Change The World By Cultural Creativity”.

TIANSE is always committed to bringing convenient and pleasant office experience to its users, creating enjoyable and efficient office atmosphere, and letting the users fully enjoy the considerate services of one-stop solutions, enterprise customization and personalized customization. To bring greater value to the customers is always TIANSE’s NO.1 priority.

In 2016, TIANSE brand further extended its product categories, making it a professional manufacturer with the widest range of office supplies in multiple series, mainly covering office printing consumables, office stationery, office equipment, and cultural and creative products, etc. TIANSE has earned huge success in major e-commerce platforms such as, and has won favors from a vast number of users. In the same year, TIANSE brand formally entered the overseas market, selling very well in many countries worldwide for the superior quality, good service, fast delivery and competitive price. TIANSE brand products are highly favored by overseas consumers and successfully secured a place in the overseas market.

TIANSE One-Stop Solution
With regard to product design and development, TIANSE closely follows the market trends and gradually changes its design concept from mere functionality to humanistic cultural and creative aesthetics, constantly making improvements and innovations on its products to meet the ever-increasing customers’ needs.

(TIANSE Employee Warmly Introduces TIANSE Brand & Culture on The Spot)

As a leading brand in printer consumables, office supplies and creative stationery, TIANSE has rich product lines, wide product categories and high market recognition. TIANSE brand is devoted to providing one-stop solutions of printer consumables and office supplies for enterprises and institutions, thus meeting enterprises’ rigid consumption needs, reducing enterprises’ operation costs and improving their employees’ working efficiency.

We sincerely welcome business collaboration with clients from enterprises and institutions.

Post time: Oct-26-2017