5 Storage & Organization Products to Make Your Office More Organized

White-collar workers spend most of their time at the desks. So you can see the important role of good storage & organization products play in our daily lives. As a matter of fact, no one likes a messy and cluttered desktop, but everyone loves a neat and tidy desktop.

Rather sadly, not everyone knows the art of storage & organization, or they just don’t know how to organize items on their desktops or how to choose the wonderful products suitable for them.

So if you’re fed up with a messy desktop, tired of choosing your desired items in a sea of products, and bored of how to organize things on the desktop, please follow me through this article. Today, TIANSE will introduce you 5 storage & organization products to make your desktop much tidier and more organized.

In this way, you can not only keep a good mood and improve working efficiency, but can also leave a favorable impression on your leaders and colleagues, cause no one loves a workplace or desktop in chaos.

Okay, let’s return to our muttons.

5. TIANSE Small-sized Storage Box

This small sized storage box belongs to “The Vastness Series”. The storage box is 100*100*44mm in size with cylinder-shaped body and square-shaped base. Fours colors are available: coral red, deep blue, bamboo green and pearl white. You can use it as a pen holder to put your fountain pens, ballpoint pens, gel pens or utility knives in it. So, whenever you want to find your pen or knife, you can easily fetch it from the storage box.

4. TIANSE Small-sized Moonsea Storage Box

This small-sized moonsea storage box belongs to “The Vastness Series”. Our innovative designer draws inspiration from lunar maria to create this fine work. The lunar maria (or what we call “Moonsea”) are large, dark, basaltic plains on the Moon, formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. They were dubbed maria, Latin for “seas”, by early astronomers who mistook them for real seas. It is dedicated for daily use and quick use of paper clips, foldback clips, and things alike. If you are troubled by rummaging your desktop or desk drawer for things like paper clips and foldback clips, you can try this moonsea storage box, which will surely bring you great convenience and ease of mind.

3. TIANSE Small-sized Dotted Storage Box

This small-sized dotted storage box belongs to “The Vastness Series”. The design inspiration comes from the stars scattered in the vast night sky. With dotted design on its surface, this item looks novel in design and functional in use. Four colors are also available for your choice. You can use it as mobile stand, iPad holder, pen holder or even business card holder.

2. TIANSE Medium-sized Mountain Storage Box

This medium-sized mountain storage box belongs to “The Vastness Series”. With its design originality from lunar crater (allow us to directly name it “mountain” for straightforwardness), the mountain storage box is unique in shape, novel in design and elegant in taste. You can use it as mobile stand, business card holder or pen holder. When you need something to use, you can easily and conveniently get what you need from this storage box.

1. TIANSE Large-sized Jade Plate Storage Box

This large-sized jade plate storage box belongs to “The Vastness Series.” Actually, it is not made of jade, but rather we prefer to call it “Jade Plate” since jade plate is another name for the Moon in ancient China, which is very precious and exquisite with auspicious connotations. Moreover, from above descriptions, you can easily notice that this jade plate storage box actually consists of the mountain storage box and moonsea storage box, all blending into one unified entity. It is 240*150*72mm in size and can be used as mobile stand, pen holder and business card holder.

Novelty of TIANSE “The Vastness Series”

TIANSE “The Vastness Series” are a set of combination products for storage and organization, which can freely combine into one harmonious whole. You can use each item alone, or use several items together through free combination. With our novel design and detailed craftsmanship, together with your personalized needs and creative uses, TIANSE “The Vastness Series” products can surely bring you a unique and fantastic experience of office storage & organization, making your office much tidier and more organized as well as coloring up your mood every day.

Post time: Aug-20-2018