Top 9 3D Prints Printed in TIANSE Silk PLA 3D Printer Filament

Several weeks have passed since TIANSE has released its new series of Silk PLA. TIANSE 1.75mm silk PLA 3D printer filament is so silky that it looks like coating with a crystal-clear body. It looks metallic and the color is just fabulous which will give your prints smooth surface and shiny finish like real silk and allow for 3D printing at high detail results in a beautiful finish. To appreciate the always support and love from our customers, we’ve specially selected Top 9 3D prints printed in our TIANSE silk PLA 3D printer filament. Let’s have a look!

Spiral Vase

1.Spiral Vase
Maker’s Name: Brithawkes
Designer’s Name: Brithawkes
Material: TIANSE Silk Red Copper, Silk Orange Gold & Silk White PLA
Details: A beautiful vase is always pleasing to your eyes, especially if you print one in silk filament. Designed by UK 3D designer Martin Hawkes, this spiral vase features a simple design yet stylish look. It is printed in Vase mode with a 0.4mm nozzle at 0.15mm layer height, and it takes around 5 hours to print. With proper lighting, this spiral vase can take on very beautiful and varying shades of color, perfect for decorations.

IKEA Hemma Lamp

2.IKEA Hemma Lamp
Maker’s Name: cb3dmaker (his Instagram)
Designer’s Name: Rafael Ramos
Material: TIANSE Silk Blue PLA
Details: Designed by Rafael Ramos on MyMiniFactory, this 3D printed lamp is designed to fit the HEMMA light chord from IKEA. It plays with the light creating very nice shadows, bringing out the 3D features of the surface. It will look gorgeous and stylish on any home, office or business. You can print this model with no supports needed.

Sims the Monkey

3.Sims the Monkey
Maker’s Name: Lazz 3DIY (his Facebook)
Designer’s Name: Rafael Ramos
Material: TIANSE Silk Red Copper PLA
Details: What’s this cute creature? It’s Sims the Monkey. He may be a tiny monkey, but just one sip from his baby bottle gives Sims metal-bending superpowers. It is printed at 10% infill and 0.2mm resolution with no supports needed. It is just adorable, right?

Low-Poly Twist Vase

4.Low-Poly Twist Vase
Maker’s Name: Dominik Bayer
Designer’s Name: Dan McDougall
Material: TIANSE Silk White PLA
Details: Since silk PLA filament is great for printing a variety of vases, why not 3D print a low-poly vase? Designed by Dan McDougall on Thingiverse, this low-poly twist vase features low-poly twist design and beautiful, stylish look. It is printed in TIANSE silk white PLA at 0.2mm layer height in twist vase mode (Slic3r). Also, the default size of the model is quite small, if you want one that’s just under 200mm high, you can scale it up to 165%.

Santa Claus

5.Santa Claus
Maker’s Name: Jin Liping
Designer’s Name: Anthony Martocello
Material: TIANSE Orange Gold PLA
Details: Every one of us loves gold, right? How about printing a Santa Claus in TIANSE orange gold PLA? Designed by American 3D designer and maker Anthony Martocello, this model is a minor remix of Santa Claus by sb43201. Santa Claus is an imaginary man with a long beard and a red suit (in this case a gold suit) who brings presents for children at Christmas. “Santa Claus is coming to town…”, why not print a Santa Claus in TIANSE Silk PLA this year?

Vintage Car

6.Vintage Car
Maker’s Name: momento_3d_models (his Instagram)
Material: TIANSE Silk Red Copper PLA
Model: Check Thingiverse for similar models
Details: A vintage car is, in the most general sense, an old automobile; in the narrower sense of car enthusiasts and collectors, it is the car from the period of 1919 to 1930. Such enthusiasts have categorization schemes for ages of cars that enforce differentiation between antique cars, vintage cars, classic cars, and etc. With TIANSE silk PLA filament, in particular TIANSE silk red copper PLA filament, you are now able to print a vintage car with retro style and vintage color.


Maker’s Name: spitzspot (his Instagram)
Designer’s Name: CreativeTools
Material: TIANSE Silk Blue PLA
Details: The 3DBenchy of CreativeTools is always a great model to test and benchmark your 3D printer. This 3DBenchy is described by its creator, CreativeTools, as “the jolly 3D printing torture test”, aiming at testing and bench-marking 3D printers. It is designed to 3D-print quickly and be a fun tool for calibrating your 3D printer. This time, why not 3D prints a 3DBenchy in TIANSE silk PLA filament to give it a new silk-like look and finish?

IKEA Lampshade

8.IKEA Lampshade
Maker’s Name: tarek.knanneh (his Instagram)
Designer’s Name: Russ Taber
Material: TIANSE Silk White PLA
Details: At first sight, I thought it to be a gorgeous vase, but it turned out to be a beautiful lampshade. A great lampshade plays with light to create varying shades and to turn light into magic. This beautiful lampshade is printed in spiral vase mode and has hole for light socket and vents. You can hang it in the sir to bring you the light, thus coloring up your mood every night. Sweet, right?

Cycloidic Vase

9.Cycloidic Vase
Maker’s Name: Bekir
Designer’s Name: Scott Vader
Material: TIANSE Silk Red Copper PLA
Details: Designed by Scott Vader on Thingiverse, this is a simple vase created using Solidworks lofts to connect two cycloidic gear like ends. It is sliced with Cura 14.07 with spiralize turned on and solid infill top turned off. This beautiful vase is printed at 0.55mm layer height with a wall thickness of 9mm. The layers are intended to be highly visible. You can print it at 8mm/s to give it a beautiful shiny gloss. This cycloidic vase still prints quickly due to think layer height.

Silk PLA has excellent color fastness and silk-like appearance, and the 3D prints come out really solid color, bright, shiny and glossy. TIANSE 1.75mm Silk PLA filament is a perfect material for those who are looking to print objects with a smooth, glossy and silk-like finish. It can be widely applied in household decoration parts, toys, vases, cosplay objects and special gifts. Your creativity, our materials! We hope all of you would enjoy our Silk PLA series and continue to bring us more awesome 3D prints in our Silk PLA filament. Also, we’ll add more colors to our Silk PLA series. Happy 3D printing and always stay tuned!

Post time: Nov-05-2019