Tianse 3D Filaments User Test Report (2)

Tianse 3D Filaments(Wood PLA)Test   

     —Printed by Jonas Laukart (Amazon seller)

This Tianse wood filament is worth every penny. It can be printed wonderfully, has almost no tendency to stringing and adheres very well to the glass plate. Both small and larger models can be printed without any problems. The wonderful thing is that it can be sanded and glazed. Image shows the owl sanded with 400 grit sandpaper and glazed with a standard wood glaze. I was also able to print, sand and glaze a bull like the one you see on Wall Street in New York. At the beginning I set my printer to the filament using the 3D-Benchy shuttle, but I didn’t have to change the default settings much. This filament is really fun and conjures up wonderful objects. It smells slightly sweet when printed. You shouldn’t print it too hot, otherwise the wood particles will burn up quickly. I can recommend the filament to everyone. Even if it is more expensive than conventional PLA. In my opinion, the higher price is justified.

My print data:
Anet A8 Plus with Marlin 2.0
Manuel Mesh Bed Leveling (3×3)
Temp. Extruder: 205 ° C
Temp. Glass bed: 60 ° C
Speed: 85mm / s





Post time: Aug-20-2021