Creative Stationery Solution

With the improvement of people’s living standard and the upgrading of people’s consumption concept, modern office workers have a higher requirement for what they eat, what they wear and what they use. Office stationery, as an essential part of daily office life, plays a very significant role in their lives. But much to our disappointment, traditional stationery is dull in the outer look, monotonous in color and lacks innovative design, intelligent functions and cultural connotations. To deal with this problem, TIANSE and its professional design and R&D personnel are here to constantly innovate and improve the products to meet the ever-increasing needs of our customers. The new product development takes on a trend towards innovation, functionalization and intelligence. TIANSE is committed to making your office life more fun, more vibrant and more creative.

One-Stop Solution for Creative Stationery

Creativity and Service Advantages

a) Emphasis on Original Design and Creative Ideas

With industry-leading designers and R&D team, we pay special attention to original design and creative ideas. Our designers not only design practical products but also add new design ideas and profound cultural connotations to the products. They strive to make their work perfect, whether from material selection, color matching to outer-look design and creative combination.
b) Commitment to High Quality
With strict quality control process and rigorous in-house testing, TIANSE makes solemn commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality products. Our creative stationery products are not only unique in innovative design, but also have premium quality. The materials we use are first-rate and environmentally friendly.
c) Profound Cultural Connotations
The new series of TIANSE creative stationery possess very profound cultural connotations. It’s more than just stationery, it’s about cultural artwork. It draws inspirations from mother nature and human culture, not only beautiful and exquisite in outer appearance, but also innovative in design and rich in cultural connotations. Each person is unique in his own taste. TIANSE creative stationery not only makes your office more fun and more well-organized, but also reveals your fine taste and makes you elegant and distinct.
d) Excellent Customer Support
Making every customer satisfied is our NO.1 priority. With stable supply chains, customer-oriented concept and a professional customer service team, we provide all-around and considerate pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services to all our customers all the time.
e) Personalized and Customized Services
Each office is unique in its own way. With self-developed products and customized services, TIANSE creative stationery is not only innovative in product design and feature, but also innovative in its personalized and customized services. We offer customized services to meet individual needs. We welcome and support enterprise customization.

Application Scenarios
a) As Office Supplies
TIANSE creative stationery, by its very nature, still belongs to office supplies, which can be used both at office and home. Because of its exquisite appearance and practical functions, TIANSE creative stationery can help make your things well-organized, giving you a neat and tidy office environment. It can also act as an ornament to decorate your offices or studies, which can render you a cheerful mood and an aesthetic pleasure.

b) As Business Gifts
TIANSE creative stationery is perfect as business gifts due to its strong practicability and fine craftsmanship. Whether in special formal meetings or on important business days, you can send our exquisite stationery as wonderful gifts to your business partners or potential customers. What’s more, since we support enterprise customization, you can even make this business gift more personalized to meet individual needs.

c) As Special Souvenirs
TIANSE creative stationery is also perfect as special souvenirs for excellent employees, bosom friends, beloved teachers and lovely kids, etc. It is very suitable for special anniversaries, holidays and birthdays. Due to its beautiful outer look, innovative design and profound cultural connotations, TIANSE creative stationery is more than just stationery, it is a cultural artwork.

d) As Promotional Gifts
TIANSE creative stationery can also act as promotional gifts due to its novel design, strong practicability and customization features. You can imprint corporate logo, brand name, trademark or other promotional information on these products to raise public awareness and enhance enterprise visibility.

Choose TIANSE creative stationery, it can definitely give you a new feeling of vibrant office life. It can not only make your office life more efficient and more well-organized in practical level, but also make your office life more fun and more vibrant in spiritual level. TIANSE creative stationery, a fine cultural artwork, reflects your unique taste and makes you more charming and more graceful.

Post time: Mar-16-2017