Guangzhou Sanheng Information Technology, Co., Ltd Nominated for RT Media Global Industry Awards

Ever since RT Media Global Industry Awards Ceremony has first been held, the RT Media Global Industry Awards have received earnest attention from industry insiders.

RT Media Global Industry Awards, nicknamed as “Nobel Prize” in the industry, aim to follow the industry trends and present different awards to advocate advanced, scientific development concepts, to set examples for the industry and to lead the industry towards a good healthy orientation of development.

RT Media Global Industry Awards include Buyers’ Choice Award, Industry Breakthrough Award, Anti-Counterfeiting Award, E-Commerce Leadership Award, Excellent Service Award, Global Brand Award, Legal Defender Award, Outstanding Marketing Award, Patent Achievement Award, Quality Leader Award, Technology Innovation Award, etc.

By August 4th, 2017, the organizer has received 1,643 valid nominations from more than 42 countries and regions. According to statistics, a total of 84 enterprises, organizations and individuals have been nominated. What’s worth mentioning is that Guangzhou Sanheng Information Technology, Co., Ltd has been on that list of nominations, which is quite heartening and encouraging.

The List of Nominations is as follows:

It’s learned that 16 professional adjudicators from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa will select from the list and cast votes on who win the RT Media Global Industry Awards. When the time comes, the RT Media Global Industry Awards Ceremony will be witnessed by representatives from governments, organizations, associations, enterprises and various media together with 14,000 exhibition audiences. The final list of winners will be officially announced on the awards ceremony at Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center.

No matter what the final result will be, no matter whether Guangzhou Sanheng Information Technology, Co., Ltd will win the award in the end, the nomination itself has proven the success and achievement we made for the past decade through our endless effort. We’ve earned recognition from industry insiders and trust from our customers. Our growth and achievement are there for all to see.

Long Yingtai once wrote in her book: “Kids, I hope you’ll have the right to choose in the future. To choose a meaning job with enough time for leisure, instead of being forced to make a living. When your job endows certain meaning in your heart, you’ll have a sense of achievement. When your job gives you time without depriving your life, you’ll have dignity. A sense of achievement and dignity makes you happy.”

Sanheng Technology sincerely hope that the reason each employee strives for is to gain more rights to choose, but most importantly, to feel happiness through achievement and dignity from work.

With a promising future, Sanheng Technology still has a long way to go, and let all of us fight together to embrace an even brighter future.


Post time: Aug-04-2017