Each Pen Is The Epitome Of Human’s Development History

As one of the writing instruments, pen is used to record human civilization and to carry on human culture. Through thousands of years of continuous development, pen has undergone tremendous changes. Let’s first have a look at the history of pens.

Part 1 Creation Of Pen
Around 2000 BC, ancient Chinese people used writing brush made of mouse hair for writing, with smoke, kerosene and gel combined as ink. This is the very prototype of writing brush, and writing brush is still used today.

Around AD 1200, the Egyptians extracted natural dyestuffs from berries, plants and minerals to make ink. The “pen” is made of reed, which is the antecedent of fountain pen.

Around AD 700, the Romans invented feather pen (quill pen) with feather from the wings of big birds. In the later 1,000 years, the feather pen has become the major writing instrument in the western world.

Part 2 Development Of Pen
In 1548, Spanish calligrapher Juan de Iciar first mentioned bronze pen in his handwriting manual. In terms of the look, it takes the shape of modern pen.

In 1926, Shanghai established the first fountain pen factory called Shanghai Guoyi Fountain Pen Factory, which raised the curtain of fountain pen industry in China.

Part 3 Technological Development Of Pen
Hungarian journalist László Bíró, working with his brother György Bíró (a chemist), developed a new tip consisting of a ball which was free to turn in a socket, and as it turned it would absorb ink from a cartridge and then roll to deposit it on the paper. In 1938, László Bíró patented the first commercially successful modern ballpoint pen named Biro ballpoint pen.

In 1954, Parker Pen Company launched its Jotter ballpoint pen. The continuous writing time of this new-type ballpoint pen is 5 times longer than that of its counterparts. Therefore, its sales enjoyed a rapid growth.

Part 4 Diversity Of Pens
In 1966, Paul C. Fisher invented space pen for NASA. The ink bag of this pen underwent pressurization process, which allowed writing in zero gravity.

In 1979, Gillette Company launched a new type of fountain pen. The writings written by this fountain pen can be erased within 10 hours and the secret lies in the ink made of rubber cement.

In 1984, gel ink pen emerged. It is an intermediate product between ballpoint pen and marker pen.


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