TIANSE Brand Timeline

In 2012, TIANSE brand was created. It abandons the boring, dull and immutable feelings of traditional office supplies and is committed to creating a colorful office supplies world that delivers a feeling of comfort, ease and pleasure. It dedicates itself to developing high-quality, high-aesthetic products that bring greater value to the customers and make modern office life full of vitality.

In 2014, TIANSE brand officially entered the market, which specializes in office printing consumables with e-commerce platforms like Tmall.com and JD.com as its main sales channels. Ever since its launch into the market, it has rapidly become a preferred printing consumables supplier brand in the domestic e-commerce market.

In 2016, TIANSE brand began to take shape. It has become a leading brand in domestic printing consumables market and has become a strategic partner of Tmall and JD. Also, in the same year, TIANSE brand further extended its product categories, making it a professional manufacturer with the widest range of office supplies in multiple series, mainly covering office printing consumables, office stationery, office equipment, and cultural and creative products, etc.

In 2016, TIANSE brand products formally entered the overseas market, selling very well in many countries worldwide for the superior quality, good service, fast delivery and competitive price. These products are highly favored by overseas consumers and successfully secured a place in the overseas market. Currently, it has more than 80 brand distributors overseas.

In 2017, the company established branding department to attach importance to intellectual property rights protection and to make consumers enjoy better product experience. From product research, to product design and process manufacturing design, and to final normal production, the branding department has been keeping up with the market needs. The new products development takes on a trend towards innovation, functionalization and intelligence, and several important achievements have been made at present.

Our exploration of the future office never stops. We are full of expectations of the way and environment of future office. In the face of new office trends in the future, we are sure to see more technology, intelligence and humanity….

Post time: Jun-25-2017