TIANSE Brand Story

Creation of TIANSE Brand
In 2012, TIANSE brand was created. It is committed to creating a colorful office supplies world that delivers a feeling of comfort, ease and pleasure, making customers fully enjoy the more natural and intuitive feelings that our high-quality high-aesthetic products bring to them.

Development of TIANSE Brand
In 2014, TIANSE brand began to enter the domestic office printing consumables market.

In 2016, TIANSE brand further extended its product categories, making it a professional manufacturer with the widest range of office supplies in multiple series, mainly covering office printing consumables, office stationery, office equipment, and cultural and creative products, etc. TIANSE has earned huge success in major e-commerce platforms such as Tmall.com, JD.com and has won favors from a vast number of users. In the same year, TIANSE brand formally entered the overseas market, selling very well in many countries worldwide for the superior quality, good service, fast delivery and competitive price. TIANSE brand products are highly favored by overseas consumers and successfully secured a place in the overseas market.

In 2017, TIANSE brand adopted an all-new brand logo, aimed at future globalization.

Value of TIANSE Brand
As a major brand in daily office consumption, TIANSE brand has provided users with high quality and cost-effective products with innovative design, rich colors and diverse choices, which effectively solves the troubles met by users when buying office supplies. Users’ repeated purchases and favorable comments are sufficient enough to prove the value of TIANSE brand, living up to the brand proposition “Make Office Work Easier”.

Future of TIANSE Brand
In the future, with a focused attitude towards perfection, TIANSE brand will continue to explore the users’ core needs and keep up with the industry trends to develop more excellent products for and bring greater value to our customers, making their office life much easier, more convenient and more pleasant!

Post time: May-24-2017