TIANSE Brand Creativity

In modern society, to meet the ever-changing market needs and the users’ usage problems, the enterprises will develop brand-new products or make improvements on original products, fuse the new applicable creative idea into the products, and create an applicable product in the end. This is the significant role creativity plays in modern enterprises.

Ever since the creation of TIANSE brand, we attach much importance to creative ideas. TIANSE is a colorist who can create a colorful world for modern office life. She is always energetic and has an effect on everyone around, and makes you feel the new experience of vibrant office life. TIANSE is a material engineer whose printing consumables are compatible with more than 98% of the world’s printing equipment brands. She has always been active in major e-commerce platforms, social media, and has been conducting the color concepts of office wherever she goes.

Creative Ideas of TIANSE Brand
In 2017, the company established branding department to attach importance to intellectual property rights protection and to make consumers enjoy better product experience. From product research, to product design and process manufacturing design, and finally to normal production, the branding department has been keeping up with the market needs. The new products development takes on a trend towards innovation, intelligence and functionalization, and has made several important achievements at present.

Product Innovation: In traditional office stationery products, more importance has been attached to practicability with an aim for usage facilitation. The idea of product innovation is to design and develop brand-new and refreshing products based on practicability.

Product Functionalization: The idea of product functionalization is on one hand to strengthen the practical performance to make the products more powerful, and on the other hand to add more functions to the products for uses in various scenarios.

Product Intelligence: The idea of product intelligence is to meet the ever-increasing need for the latest technology due to the rapid development of science and technology. Regarding product creativity, many users want their products to take on certain sense of intelligence so as to have better product experience.

Post time: Jul-18-2017