Amazon’s Office Supplies Category Is Increasing

Amazon’s office supplies category is reaping more and more wallet share among business consumers.

According to One Click Retail, Amazon had sales revenues just shy of US$3 billion across the office supplies category, which are growing at more than 30% year-over-year.

Printers alone generated more than US$ 300 million in estimated sales in 2017. These sales also boosted high increase in ink, paper and toner (74%, 56% and 51%, respectively). Moreover, according to the study, high growth was seen in the sales of inkjet printers as compared to laser printers (26% and 15%, respectively), correlating to higher growth in ink compared to toner.

As a board category covering file folders, labelers, binders and label tapes, office organization was estimated to generate US$330 million in sales, which is a steady growth of 24%. Following ink and toner (both at an estimated US$390 million in sales), office organization is the 2nd largest office supplies category.

In addition, bulk buying of consumables also drives the growth in a couple of Amazon’s office categories. Casepack cut sheet paper (90% year-over-year growth) and glue and adhesives (76% annual growth) have exceeded the growth rates of ink and toner.

Amazon also has a high-performing private label offering in the office supplies category, for example AmazonBasics, which is the category leader for shredders with 8 out of 10 bestsellers. According to One Click Retail, AmazonBasics has become the largest shredder brand on its namesake e-commerce platform and grabbed over 40% of the total category sales in 2017 through promoting a low-cost alternative.

Nathan Rigby, vise president of sales and marketing at One Click Retail, explained, “While leading retail chains struggle to keep afloat, Amazon is seeing strong growth across the board in sales of office appliances, such as printers, shredders and scanners, as well as office accessories and consumables”.

Nathan Rigby further added that “Amazon’s latest efforts reveal the enterprise’s commitment to seeking the same success as a B2B marketplace as they have a B2C retailer”, and “with more and more of the office product market moving away from brick-and-mortar in favor of Amazon, there’s no better time for brands to embrace it as their primary sales channel”.

TIANSE, as a professional brand in printer consumables and office supplies, manufactures a wide range of product lines covering printer consumables such as printer toner cartridges/toner kit, copier toner cartridges/toner kit, ink cartridges, 3D printer filament, refill toner, ribbon cartridges, label tapes, thermal transfer ribbons, etc., as well as office supplies covering office paper, notebooks, file management, writing instruments, desktop supplies, accounting supplies, presentation supplies and office organization products, ranging from photocopy paper, printing paper, file boxes, magazine holders, file bags, binders, pens, pencils to staplers, scissors, utility knives, pen holders, calculators, whiteboards and office organization products, and so on.

Office needs are extensive, and TIANSE is committed to meeting all of them. Through the sales channel of Amazon, we would like to let more and more customers both home and abroad better know our products and our culture. We not only want to make our customers enjoy much easier and more efficient office life, but more importantly to give them a fantastic experience of novel design, cultural appreciation and creative aesthetics.

Post time: Mar-25-2018