10 Creative Items to Make Your Office More Fun (Part Two)

Let’s continue with the next 5 creative items that can make your office more fun.

5. TIANSE Vintage Stapler

This vintage stapler uses acrylic and gold-plated stainless steel materials, which is durable in use and elegant in style. With all metal gold plating process, the stapler is highly polished and wear-resistant. It’s not only beautiful in outer look, but also ergonomic in design and functional in use. Without any doubt, it will add fun to your bookbinding experience.

4. TIANSE Vintage Waterdrop Shaped Clips

This vantage small item first impresses me as waterdrop or teardrop. Then I couldn’t help thinking of this poem written by George Byron. Isn’t it melancholy poetically beautiful? The vintage clip adopts waterdrop or teardrop (if you prefer this word) design, which is novel in style and exquisite in lines. These vantage clips can be used to bind files, photos and things alike, or used as DIY props for creative photo-taking. It can even be used as bookmark if you like.

3. Helping Hands Bookmark

If you only see the first picture, I bet you’d have never thought that this is a bookmark. I’m just as surprised as you guys are when I first saw the picture. This is indeed a bookmark in helping hands design, which is very innovative in outer-look and eye-catching in daily use. Every time when we’re burdened with heavy workloads and just wanna give up at some point, always remember the two stretched-out hands: no matter how hard your work or your life can be, two helping hands will always be there for you, giving you comfort, care and hope.

2. TIANSE Vintage Bullet Journal Notebook

This classic bullet journal notebook comprises premium leather cover and different notebook refills for free combination up to your personal preference. The vintage bullet journal is perfect for recording and collecting those touching or inspiring moments you never wanna forget in your work, travel or daily life with your innermost notes and fadeless photos. Its perfect size allows you to carry the notebook around so easily. The notebook can be used as leather bound Bullet Journal, Adventure Diary, Traveler’s Notebook, DIY Scrapbooks, Food Planner or Bible Journaling, adding more fun to your daily life for sure.

1. TIANSE Cactus Scissors

This item is my personal favorite. The novel scissors are in cactus design, which reminds you of the tough cactus in the vast desert: full of hope and full of vitality. Made of titanium-plated stainless steel, the cactus scissors are far sharper than ordinary ones. With ergonomic open grip and innovative stand-up design, the cactus scissors are very convenient to use and can be vertically placed, delivering a sense of simplicity beauty and cubism aesthetics to your office desktop. Every glimpse of it will color up your mood. Every use of it will bring you a unique cutting experience.

That’s all. Let’s stop here.

Just because it’s an office, does NOT mean it has to be an office. When you spend such an enormous amount of time in one place, it’s significant that it reflects not only the corporate culture, but the people who make it more fun.

Each office is unique in its own way. Each office has some fun feature that you can’t actually find anywhere else. It’s probably unique, novel, personal, and gives you a sense of ownership.

Life can be tough, but we can be tougher.
Work can be dull, but we can be creative.

Okay, it’s time to do something creative to add more fun to your office. You can also follow our Facebook account at Tianse or Twitter account at tianseoffice to share with us about the ways you make your office more fun.

Post time: Aug-14-2018