10 Creative Items to Make Your Office More Fun (Part One)

Tired of dull, boring office atmosphere? Bored of uniform, stereotyped office environment?

Today, however, let’s not focus on the negative side of routine office, instead let’s talk about something positive: how to make our office more fun. Everyone wants to work in a fun environment. Of course, everyone does. Who doesn’t?

Kenexa, a Pennsylvania human resources software company, lives by a simple principle: Employees just want to have fun. That fun doesn’t simply give rise to laughs and smiles; it actually results in a tangible increase in workplace happiness and productivity. The more pleasant the workplace is; the better performance the employee has.

Just as Rudy Karsan, the Kenyan-born, Canadian-educated CEO said: “When you’re in a job that you enjoy and you’re good at, you’re not just a better worker. You’re a better spouse, a better parent, a better citizen.”

So, in the spirit of enjoyable workplaces everywhere, TIANSE presents 10 Creative Items to bring more fun to your offices and to bring smiles on your colleagues’ faces—and boost morale and productivity.

10. TIANSE Bamboo Shaped Brass Gel Pen

What’s your first impression of this gel pen? Bingo, its external appearance looks like a bamboo. This bamboo-shaped gel pen is made of brass, which looks retro and elegant. You can use it to sign your signature or add it to your personal collection. Besides, with medium weight and comfort grip, the brass gel pen is also perfect for long-time writing, which will definitely give you a smooth and wonderful writing experience.

9. VH Portable Handheld Fan

Isn’t this mini fan adorably cute? This fan adopts 7 fan blade design with brushless motor, which can provide you with a fantastic experience of pure, natural wind. The mini fan is in simplicity design with U-shaped base, allowing it to be vertically placed on the desk. Due to its portable feature, you can also hold it in your hands whether at work, during shopping or while traveling. Besides, this fan has a USB interface for charging. If you are tired of the wind blown by the air conditioner, this handheld fan is definitely your choice for a brand new experience, which will certainly add some fun to your office life.

8. TIANSE Vintage Coffee Spoon with Clip

Maybe, you would say this is just an ordinary spoon except its golden color? Sadly mistaken!!! You’ll never fully know its novelty and convenience until you use it. This vintage coffee spoon is made of foot-grade stainless steel with gold plating, which is safe and healthy. Moreover, with widened handle and clip design, it is more convenient to use and can even be used as a bag clip for preservation of things in the bag. During coffee break, you can use the spoon to scoop certain amount of coffee to enjoy your pleasant coffee break time and refresh yourself. Just wonderful!

7. Dual-Use Bonsai Fishbowl

To be honest, I just don’t know how to call this item. Allow me to name it “Dual-Use Bonsai Fishbowl”. As the name suggests, it can be dual-used as a bonsai and a fishbowl. Very novel in design, right? This dual-use bonsai fishbowl is co-designed by Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou. You can plant potted tree in the upper part and keep goldfish in the lower part, achieving two things at one stroke. The green bonsai tree and the colorful swimming goldfish just form a harmonious picture, making static and dynamic aesthetics perfectly blended. Besides, the green potted tree and the vibrant goldfish both are symbols of life, which deliver a positive and optimistic attitude towards work and life. Isn’t pleasing to see this harmonious picture when you’re tired or bored of work?

6. TIANSE Vintage Golden Tray

Isn’t nice to see these shiny and golden items? The vintage golden tray has beautiful shape, rounded lines and simplicity design, which is made of gold-plated stainless steel, making it magnificent in look and elegant in taste. The tray itself is not that “CREATIVE”, but rather the way we use it can be “CREATIVE”. It can be used to place office stationery, desserts, biscuits, fruits, and even jewelry, etc. whatever you think of or whatever you think appropriate.

Stay tuned. I’ll continue with the remaining 5 creative items that can make your office more fun in my next article.

Post time: Aug-12-2018