Who Is the Champion? TIANSE Announces All the Winners in Its 3D Printing Contest

Ever since TIANSE posted all the Top 10 3D prints on its official Facebook account @Tianse3D and Instagram account @tianse_office, the Top 10 3D prints have won immediate favors and praises from the public. People are amazed by the great talent in each contestant and the aesthetic beauty in each 3D print. So, who on earth is the champion of TIANSE 3D printing contest? Who will win the most likes to get 24 rolls of free TIANSE PLA filament? How about the 2nd prize, 3rd prize as well as 5 TIANSE choice awards? You can first have a guess, and TIANSE will announce all the winners in the following.
Let’s first have a quick look at the top prints selected in TIANSE 3D printing contest.

1.Top 10 3D Prints Selected In TIANSE 3D Printing Contest
Then let’s move to the total valid votes for each contestant in this 3D printing contest.

2.Total Votes for Each Contestant
According to the total valid votes counted for each contestant, Simone Morotz Morotti from Italy has won the most votes in Facebook likes and Instagram likes altogether, followed by Raffaele Puddu from Italy and Will Zoobkoff from Canada. Congratulations to Simone Morotz Morotti, Raffaele Puddu and Will Zoobkoff for being the Top 3 of our 3D printing contests, and each of them will be awarded 24 rolls, 12 rolls and 6 rolls of free TIANSE PLA filament accordingly. Thank all contestants for making and sharing these awesome prints. Let’s explore more details on the Top 3 3D prints and 5 TIANSE choice awards.

TIANSE 3D Printing Contest – 1st Prize

3.1st Prize - Beautiful Vase
Maker’s Name: Simone Morotz Morotti
Country: Italy
Print’s Name: Beautiful Vase
Material: TIANSE Green PLA
Model from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3164118
Details: A beautiful vase printed in vase mode, for best displaying botanical beauty. It surely will be a pleasant thing to decorate your home or office with a 3D-printed nice vase or send it to your friends or loved ones as ideal gifts.

TIANSE 3D Printing Contest – 2nd Prize

4.2nd Prize - Saturn V Rocket
Maker’s Name: Raffaele Puddu
Country: Italy
Print’s Name: Saturn V Rocket
Material: TIANSE Black PLA
Model from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:911891
Details: Our journey is to the stars and universe! Mission Apollo 11, Rocket Saturn V, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. What an awesome print & what an iconic rocket! To infinity and beyond!

TIANSE 3D Printing Contest – 3rd Prize

5.3rd Prize - Kratos
Maker’s Name: Will Zoobkoff
Country: Canada
Print’s Name: Kratos from New Gold of War
Material: TIANSE Silver PLA
Model from Cults.:
Details: All 20 pieces together to have made this awesome statue of Kratos, the main character of the God of War series, who was the god or personified spirit of strength, might, power and sovereign rule, nicknamed as “The Ghost of Sparta”.

TIANSE Choice Award – Death Star Cover

6.TIANSE Choice Award - Death Star Cover
Maker’s Name: Romina Staub
Country: Germany
Print’s Name: Ikea PS 2014 Lamp Death Star Cover
Material: TIANSE Silver PLA
Model from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2824759
Details: A creative cover for your pendant lamp to turn it into a Death Star! Change its shape and intensity of light with a simple pull of the strings. Oh, that’s modern & magic!

TIANSE Choice Award – Eiffel Tower

7.TIANSE Choice Award - Effiel Tower

Maker’s Name: MuffinMan Drew Reynolds
Country: USA
Print’s Name: Eiffel Tower
Material: TIANSE Red, White, Blue PLA
Model from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:912478
Details: Eiffel Tower – or as the French call it, La Tour Eiffel – is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. If you haven’t been there, why not 3D print an Eiffel Tower for yourself? Or just have a short trip to Paris to enjoy your summer vacation!

TIANSE Choice Award – Infinity Gauntlet

8.TIANSE Choice Award - Infinity Gauntlet

Maker’s Name: Brian Moman
Country: USA
Print’s Name: Infinity Gauntlet
Material: TIANSE Ancient Bronze PLA
Model from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3205209
Details: Wearable Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War. As one of the most powerful objects in the universe, the Infinity Gauntlet is designed to hold six of the soul gems, better known as the Infinity Gems. When used in combination, their already impressive powers make the wearer capable to do anything they want.

TIANSE Choice Award – Jointed Hand

9.TIANSE Choice Award - Jointed Hand
Maker’s Name: Trond Skår
Country: Norway
Print’s Name: Jointed Hand
Material: TIANSE Skin Color PLA
Model from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:906098
Details: We human beings have two treasures: our brain and our hands. Our hands are an extension of our brain. An articulated hand printed in TIANSE skin color PLA, so vivid & lifelike! It is mostly jointed by elastic string enabling you to make lots of finger movements, so flexible & interesting!

TIANSE Choice Award – Spiderman Bust

10.TIANSE Choice Award - Spiderman Bust
Maker’s Name: Andrea Sustrico
Country: Italy
Print’s Name: Spiderman Bust
Material: TIANSE Red PLA
Model from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2425586
Details: As Marvel’s flagship character and company mascot, Spiderman is one of the most popular and commercially successful superheroes. Each of us wants to be a hero in one way or another. That’s why we love Spiderman (or Tom Holland). From ordinary to extraordinary, or vice versa, that’s what we call LIFE.

Above are all the winners who have been the lucky ones to win 3 TIANSE top prizes and 5 TIANSE choice awards. Congratulations again! Moreover, to express our heartfelt thanks to all contests’ support and effort in this 3D printing contest, we also offer special discount codes as bonus gifts to all contestants who took part in this contest. Sincere thanks to all contestants for participating TIANSE 3D printing contest and sharing your awesome 3D prints!

We also had a short conversation with Will Zoobkoff, who is the third prize winner in TIANSE 3D printing contest. He speaks highly of this contest, he says, “Thank you so much for having this contest. Something I needed in my life, it had given me something to focus on and it’s been a true pleasure our talks and this contest. I’ve been totally energized, and I’ve been pretty down lately with my health, but you and your contest have helped me so much and I can never thank you and your team enough. Your company is Number 1 for service and product. I want to use all TIANSE products!”. We’re pleased and honored to receive such high praise. Let’s also see what other people think of this 3D printing contest and the selected prints.

12.Comments On the Contest & Prints
Sid Wei, Marketing Director of Shenzhen Sanheng Information Technology, Ltd., thinks, “This 3D printing contest provides a good platform for TIANSE 3D filament users to show off their talent, to improve 3D printing skills and to interact via different yet unique 3D prints. It’s not only a contest of competing and voting, but also a contest of sharing and interacting. This contest is a typical example of win-win situation between consumers and company! We’re happy the contestants enjoyed this contest and that the public enjoyed the prints! Congrats and thanks!”
We really hope all of you have learned something useful from this 3D printing contest and have gained some pleasure from all these awesome prints. Heartfelt thanks to all the contestants and voters who have participated in our 3D printing contest and filament giveaway activity. Without your support and effort, we couldn’t have made this activity a success. Moreover, we’ll also post all the 3D prints submitted by different contestants on our official Facebook account @Tianse3D and Instagram account @tianse_office for displaying and showcasing. You can follow @Tianse3D on Facebook and @tianse_office on Instagram for more details.
Wish all of you a lovely day and always happy 3D printing!

Post time: Aug-09-2019