What’s the Advantage and Disadvantage of Continuous Ink Supply Systems?

In the past, printing solutions can cost you thousands of cash, particularly if you’re engaged in bulk printing or frequent printing. However, with the advent of Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) in the marketplace today, each one of us can enjoy the benefits of affordable and accessible printing. For clients who want to enjoy savings, they would opt for continuous ink supply system given it promises to print more at a much lower-cost price. So, what’s the advantage and disadvantages of continuous ink supply systems? In this article, we’ll explore the upsides and downsides of continuous ink supply system.

Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)

Continuous Ink Supply System is sometimes referred to as bulk feed ink system, off-axis ink delivery system, automatic ink refill system, and continuous flow system. All those terms indicate to a determined thing: the printer device is configured to deliver high volume of liquid ink from an ink tank to the small printhead, thus making way for efficient and unlimited printing solution. As for this kind of printing system, you don’t need to change ink cartridge for refilling. The ink source in a common printer that employs a continuous flow system is located outside the printing device – a set of outboard printing bottles that connect plastic tubes to the little ink printhead.

Pros And Cons - Balance Concept

Knowing the merits and demerits of continuous ink supply system will help you figure out whether the advantages will outweigh its disadvantages. To help you decide on this, the following section will offer you more details on the pros and cons of continuous ink supply system.

Pros of Continuous Ink Supply Systems

Pros of Continuous Ink Supply Systems

  • This printing system is economical and budget friendly. It makes printing accessible almost to all users, whether student or professional. You can print as many documents as possible for a fraction of cost of a typical tank-on printhead designs.
  • This printing system works with bulk printing. If you own a business that provides printing solutions, then this printing system is affordable, practical and efficient for your operational needs. In fact, continuous ink supply systems are used by lots of businesses that need bigger printing capacities.
  • Print output is just as good. If you choose a printer with a continuous ink supply system, you’re guaranteed not to waste your ink supply and yet assured with a quality printing. With a continuous ink supply system, ink is consistently applied to your sheets of paper, achieving smooth and professional printing results.
  • This printing system makes printing simpler. A continuous ink supply system is convenient to install and makes the process of replacing your inks much simpler. Using a continuous ink supply system also means you never have to replace your ink cartridges – you simply need to fill up your external ink tank.

Cons of Continuous Ink Supply Systems

Cons of Continuous Ink Supply Systems

  • You will no longer be entitled to the warranty. If you install this printing system on your printer, the product and service warranty that comes with the purchase of the printer will then be instantly considered to be void.
  • Shorter life span – it’s just like pushing your printer machine to its limits. You’re asking your machine to print more, this will cause your printer to depreciate faster than expected, especially the electrical components within.
  • In the long run, your printhead is more likely to get blocked or damaged especially if you use low-quality ink.
  • Compatibility is also a concern. Continuous ink supply systems are not compatible with all types of printers. Several of the printers that are appropriate for this specific printing system are manufactured by major brands like HP, Canon and Epson.

In a nutshell, continuous ink supply system printers are very handy if you have a large volume of printing needs. You can print colored documents without the worry of ink run-out. You can save a lot of money by using CISS printers instead of purchasing genuine OEM ink cartridges. However, you may also be concerned about consistent print quality, printer nozzle blockage as well as product and service warranty issues. After reading this article, we hope you’ll have a better understanding of continuous ink supply systems and finally know what’s the advantage and disadvantage of continuous ink supply systems.

Post time: Jul-31-2019