Top 10 3DBenchy Models For You To 3D Print

3DBenchy is probably one of the most popular 3D printed models of all time. The 3DBenchy is a 3D computer model specially designed for testing the accuracy and capabilities of 3D printers. You can use your 3D printers to print 3DBenchy in various materials like PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood or colors like black, white, red, yellow, blue, etc. Today, we have selected top 10 3DBenchy models for you to 3D print and to make your sail easier to start.

1. 3DBenchy by Creative Tools


(Source: CreativeTools / Thingiverse, thing:763622)

This 3DBenchy is described by its creator, Creative Tools, as “the jolly 3D printing torture test”, aiming at testing and bench-marking 3D printers. It is designed to 3D-print quickly and be a fun tool for calibrating your 3D printer. There is a single-part STL file for 3D printing the boat in one material, and a multi-part STL assembly suitable for multi-material/printhead 3D printing. The one in the picture is printed in TIANSE blue PLA filament.

2. Smoke for 3DBenchy Boat

3DBenchy with Smoke

(Source: akira3dp0 / Thingiverse, thing:1828843)

Designed by akira3dp0 from Japan, this model is a variation of the original 3DBenchy. The added smoke design makes the 3DBenchy boat not only good for calibration, but also perfect as an ornament on the desk. After printed, just put the branch of a smoke into the chimney of the 3DBenchy to make the boat much lovelier.

3. RC Benchy

RC Benchy

(Source: Thullen / Thingiverse, thing:2821525)

This model is designed by Philip Thulin (Thullen) on Thingiverse. It is a fully-functioning radio-controlled boat that resembles the original palm-sized 3DBenchy we all know and love. With a simple electrical setting and through waterproofing, this oversized Benchy can race down a quiet stream in no time.

4. Bathtub Boat

Bathtub Boat

(Source: vandragon_de / Thingiverse, thing:2631794)

This model is designed by vandragon_de on Thingiverse who makes some detailed boat models. This nice bathtub boat, one of vandragon_de’s noteworthy creations, has details finer than the original 3DBenchy as well as flotation capabilities, making it one of the most gratifying ones to print on the list.

5. Paddle-Wheel Steam Boat

Paddle-heel Steam Boat

(Source: vandragon_de / Thingiverse, thing:2659257)

This model is again designed by vandragon_de. After the bathtub boat model, the designer vandragon_de wanted to make something different and the idea of an old paddle-wheel steam boat came to his mind. This paddle-boat floats and also looks nice on the desk. You can check more of vandragon_de’s boat models on Thingiverse to explore new possibilities.

6. Benchy at Sea

Benchy at Sea

(Source: nexnox / Thingiverse, thing:3002446)

This model is designed by Travis Jackson (nexnox) on Thingiverse. Instead of having your 3DBenchy sitting on the desk, you can actually display it majestically riding the crest of a wave. It’s beautiful and impressive, right?

7. Low-Poly Benchy

Low-Poly Benchy

(Source: Danish Bajwa / MyMiniFactory)

Designed by Danish Bajwa, this 3DBenchy model consists of two different colored parts: the stand and the benchy. Therefore, to put it more exactly, it is a low-poly benchy trophy. The designer specially made the benchy low-poly because low-poly designs are seen very often in 3D printing, thus giving the benchy a completely different look and different finish.

8. Baby Groot Benchy

Baby Groot Benchy

(Source: Tommy Cantwell / Thingiverse, thing:2404447)

What would happen if you combine the famous Baby Groot and the popular 3DBenchy into one design? Tommy Cantwell (T-E-C) on Thingiverse ingeniously combined Baby Groot and 3DBenchy into a whole model. Isn’t it cute and adorable?

9. Battle Benchy

Battle Benchy

(Source: DecoTOAST / Thingiverse, thing:2765217)

This model is another derivative of the original famous 3DBenchy, but with turrets. DecoTAOST on Thingiverse remixed this one from a battleship design by SylvanKnight. According to DecoTAOST, it can also work as a key-chain tool.

10. Screwable Benchy Stand

Screwable Benchy Stand

(Source: gomadin / Thingiverse, thing:2427012)

The last one on our list is a screwable benchy stand. Taking the idea from “Tom’s 3DBenchy rudder stand V2 (12 ships) by tomulinek”, gomadin on Thingiverse designed this screwable benchy stand to support up to 12 ships. Trust me, if you have a whole fleet of boats, this handy benchy stand will surely be useful.

Just enjoy our list of top 10 3DBenchy models for you to 3D print your own fleet! Feel free to use our TIANSE 3D printer filament to print these fantastic benchy models at home and unleash endless creativity. You can also share your prints or designs to us via our social media channels: @tianse or @Tianse3D on Facebook, @tianseoffice on Twitter, or @tianse_office on Instagram. Happy 3D printing!

Post time: Apr-12-2019