Top 10 3D Prints Selected in TIANSE 3D Printing Contest

It’s not always easy to make a choice, especially when there are so many entries for TIANSE 3D printing contest. We must admit it’s a tough choice for us to select only Top 10 3D prints from all the prints submitted. We just hate to play the “Bad Guy”, cause each of all those prints submitted for this contest are awesome and unique in its own way. We really thank all contestants for all your support, effort and enthusiasm into our 3D printing contest and filament giveaway activity.

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However, a competition is a competition, and choice has to be made even though it’s hard. After careful comparison, heated discussion and internal voting, we have finally selected the Top 10 3D prints in our 3D printing contest. We’ll show these awesome prints one by one in alphabetical order of the contestant’s name in the following section. Let’s see what surprise and amazement these Top 10 3D prints will bring to us!

Andrea Sustrico_Spiderman Bust

Maker’s Name: Andrea Sustrico
Country: Italy
Print’s Name: Spiderman Bust
Material: TIANSE Red PLA
Model from Thingiverse:
Details: As Marvel’s flagship character and company mascot, SpiderMan is one of the most popular and commercially successful superheroes. Each of us wants to be a hero in one way or another. That’s why we love SpiderMan (or Tom Holland). From ordinary to extraordinary, or vice versa, that’s what we call LIFE.

Leon_Wood PLA Collection

Maker’s Name: Leon
Country: Germany
Print’s Name: A Collection of Wood PLA Prints
Material: TIANSE Wood PLA
Model from Thingiverse:
Details: A collection of wood PLA prints for your fancy, featuring Tiki pen holder, Groot, SoulSkull and jewelry box! High wood infills to give your 3D prints a wood-like look, smell and finish!

MuffinMan Drew Reynolds_Effiel Tower

Maker’s Name: MuffinMan Drew Reynolds
Country: USA
Print’s Name: Eiffel Tower
Material: TIANSE Red, White, Blue PLA
Model from Thingiverse:
Details: Eiffel Tower – or as the French call it, La Tour Eiffel – is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. If you haven’t been there, why not 3D print an Eiffel Tower for yourself? Or just have a short trip to Paris to enjoy your summer vacation!

Noel Martinez_Cooler AC Cover

Maker’s Name: Noël Martinez
Print’s Name: Cooler AC Cover
Material: TIANSE White PLA
Details: Hot summer, no worries! Designing and printing a custom cap to convert an icebox into a mini AC. So cool, cool design & cool breeze! So much DIY fun and functionality!

Raffaele Puddu_Saturn V Rocket

Maker’s Name: Raffaele Puddu
Country: Italy
Print’s Name: Saturn V Rocket
Material: TIANSE Black PLA
Model from Thingiverse:
Details: Our journey is to the stars and universe! Mission Apollo 11, Rocket Saturn V, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. What an awesome print & what an iconic rocket! To infinity and beyond!

Roberto Colucci_BUGA Zwerg

Maker’s Name: Roberto Colucci
Country: Germany
Print’s Name: BUGA Zwerg
Material: TIANSE Bronze PLA
Model from Thingiverse:
Details: Hello, world! I’m BUGA Zwerg. You can call me Karl. I am a popular figure for the Federal Garden Show 2019 in Heilbronn. What do you think of me in the “bronze” version? Adorable as always, right?

Romina Staub_Ikea ps2014 Lamp Death Star Cover

Maker’s Name: Romina Staub
Country: Germany
Print’s Name: Ikea PS 2014 Lamp Death Star Cover
Material: TIANSE Silver PLA
Model from Thingiverse:
Details: A creative cover for your pendant lamp to turn it into a Death Star! Change its shape and intensity of light with a simple pull of the strings. Oh, that’s modern & magic!

Simone Morotz Morotti_Beautiful Vase

Maker’s Name: Simone Morotz Morotti
Country: Italy
Print’s Name: Beautiful Vase
Material: TIANSE Green PLA
Model from Thingiverse:
Details: A beautiful vase printed in vase mode, for best displaying botanical beauty. It surely will be a pleasant thing to decorate your home or office with a 3D-printed vase or send it to your friends or loved ones as ideal gifts.

Steve Fournier_Alicorn

Maker’s Name: Steve Fournier
Print’s Name: Alicorn (Winged Unicorn)
Material: TIANSE Silver PLA
Model from Thingiverse:
Details: Alicorn, a winged unicorn or flying unicorn, is a fictional horse with wings like Pegasus and the horn of a unicorn. This adorable creature has no specific name, but in some literature and media, it has been referred to as an alicorn, a Latin word for the horn of a unicorn.

Will Zoobkoff_Kratos

Maker’s Name: Will Zoobkoff
Country: Canada
Print’s Name: Kratos from New Gold of War
Material: TIANSE Silver PLA
Model from Cults.:
Details: All 20 pieces together to make this awesome statue of Kratos, the main character of the God of War series, who was the god or personified spirit of strength, might, power and sovereign rule, nicknamed as “The Ghost of Sparta”.

After reading through all Top 10 3D prints selected in TIANSE 3D printing contest, you may already have the winners list in your mind, or you may just feel difficult to vote for your beloved Top 3 3D prints. It’s hard for TIANSE to select only 10 3D prints from all the prints submitted, and it’s also difficult for the public to vote for their Top 3 prints from the Top 10 awesome 3D prints. We think that’s the hardest part yet the funniest part of a 3D printing contest.
What will the public votes go for each contestant? Which 3D print will win the most votes? What are the comments for these Top 10 3D prints? Who will be the lucky guys to win the Top 3 big prizes as well as 5 TIANSE choice awards in TIANSE 3D printing contest? Please see our next article – Who Is The Champion? TIANSE Announces All The Winners In Its 3D Printing Contest. You can also follow our official Facebook account @Tianse3D and Instagram account @tianse_office for more details on this 3D printing contest.
Wish all of you a lovely day & always happy 3D printing!

Post time: Aug-08-2019