Tianse 3D Filaments User Test Report (9)

Tianse 3D Filaments(Blue TPU 1KG)Test   


I am printing Tianse blue tpu filament on an Anycubic i3 Mega. I installed the upgrade extruder kit to “i3 Mega S” especially for TPU, as well as a tube from Ruthex with 1.9mm (both recommended, also an improvement for PLA and PETG).

The filament came to me well vacuum packed, as one previous speaker said: “Packed like 1KG of ground coffee”.

The diameter is constant and quite exactly 1.75mm, which is difficult to determine with Flex material.

In terms of printing properties, I achieved the best results at 215-220 ° C (see photo Temptower). From 230 ° C the texture gets rough, but I liked that quite a lot in some applications, eg tires. 


  • Increased the flow to 106-110%;
  • Bridge building is feasible up to 20-25mm;
  • First layer speed 10mm / s;
  • The following 40mm / s;
  • Outer walls 25mm / s;
  • 60 ° C heating bed;
  • Hotend 215-220C °;
  • You can even work with a 2mm retraction at 45mm / s.






Stringing is usually a problem with flex material, but here it is acceptable if you have found the right temperature.

The color looks pretty good to me and it doesn’t smell anything.

Regarding the adhesion: I have no adhesion problems with the Buildtak underlay, TPU holds, no warping, easy to remove.

Buy recommendation for TPU beginners or people who are looking for something flexible-but not stretchy, which is easy to work with for little money.

I would buy it again if I needed elastic material.


Post time: Sep-10-2021