How To Use A Comb Binding Machine: 8 Simple Steps

How To Use TIANSE Comb Binding Machine

An Overview Of Comb Binding
Comb binding is an easy, effective and inexpensive method of book binding. It requires little setup to use a comb binder, and almost anyone can easily learn how to use a comb binding machine.

Comb binding is one of many ways to bind pages together into a book. This method uses round plastic spines with 21 rings (for A4 size) or 19 rings (for US letter size) and a hole puncher that makes rectangular holes. Comb binding is also referred to as spiral comb binding or plastic comb binding.

Combing binding machines are commonly used in schools, churches and enterprises. A huge advantage comb binding has over many other binding formats are its ability to be re-opened for removing or adding pages. Moreover, the binding elements can be removed and used again for other document projects as well.

Different Types Of Comb Binders
Depending on the document project and specific needs of the user, comb binding machines are available with different settings and features. The punching mechanism is one of the greatest differences between comb binding machines. Some comb binders are equipped with a manual punch, while others have an electric punch.

TIANSE Comb Binding Machine

You should also be aware of the comb binding machine’s ability to disengage punching dies and adjust the margin depth. A disengaging machine, with selectable dies, will enable you to completely disable the punch and avoid half-holes later in the process. The adjustable margin depth allows the user to adjust the depth into the paper the holes are punched. This is helpful if you are going to bind reports or books of varying thickness.

How To Use A Comb Binding Machine
Below are some step-by-step instructions on how to use a comb binding machine appropriately:

1. Make sure the comb binding machine is placed stably on a safe work bench before use. Make adjustments to the comb binding machine, such as adjusting the comb opener size, the margin depth and disengaging punching dies.

1. Comb Binding Adjustments

2. Collect together all the documents that need to be punched. This include the papers, the front cover and the back cover.

 2. Papers & Covers

3. Insert some sheets of paper to be punched. Insert approximately 80% of the maximum amount the machine is capable of punching. Then pull the handle and punch the sheets to make holes.

 3. Punching Holes

4. Place the comb on the machine’s comb opener.

 4. Place the Combs

5. Push the handle lever to open the comb.

 5. Open the Combs

6. Insert the opened combs spines through the holes in the sheets.

 6. Insert Punched Papers

7. Release the comb opener and close the comb.

 7. Release Comb Opener

8. The book binding is completed and you’re now ready to move on to your next document project!

8. Comb Binding Completed

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