How To Fix Brother Label Maker Tape – 6 Common Problems & Solutions

The Brother P-touch line of label makers comes in over 70 different models ranging from hand-held models to desktop models. The hand-held label makers are in compact design so that you can just hold them in the palm of your hand. The desktop models, however, are larger in size and need to be put on a desk to make operation and handling easier. Although there is a great number of different models, most of the models have the same basic operating principles. Therefore, we’ve specially made the following table of some common problems and solutions regarding how to fix Brother label maker tape.

Common Problems & Solutions

Problem Solution
The label is not printed after pressing the Print key.
  • Check that the text has been entered and that the tape cassette has been properly installed with sufficient tape remaining.
  • If the tape is bent, cut off the bent section and thread the tape through the tape exit slot.
  • If the tape is stuck, remove the tape cassette and then gently pull out the stuck tape and cut it.
The label is not printed correctly.
  • Remove the label tape cassette and reinstall it, pressing it firmly until it snaps into place.
  • If the print head is dirty, clean it with a dry cotton swab or optional print head cleaning cassette.
A blank horizontal line appears through the printed label.
  • Some dust or grime may exist on the print head. Remove the label tape cassette and use a dry cotton swab to gently wipe the print head clean in an up-and-down motion. 
The tape doesn’t feed properly or the tape gets jammed in the label maker.
  • Check that the end of the tape feeds under the tape guides.
  • The cutter lever is used while printing. Do not touch the cutter lever during printing.
The ink ribbon is separated from the ink roller.
  • If the ink ribbon is broken or damaged, replace the label tape cassette.
  • If not, leave the tape uncut and remove the tape cassette, then wind the loose ink ribbon onto the spool as shown in the figure.

Wind onto Spool

The P-touch label maker stops while printing a label.
  • Replace the label tape cassette if striped tape is visible, as this indicates that you’ve reached the end of the tape.
  • Replace all batteries or directly connect the AC adapter to the P-touch label maker.

Every once in a while you encounter the same or similar problems when printing a label with Brother P-touch label maker, you can refer to the above table of 6 common problems and solutions on how to fix Brother label maker tape. We hope you find this article of value and that the solutions listed above could help you solve the common problems to fix Brother label maker tape. Moreover, you can also choose TIANSE to buy compatible label tapes for your Brother P-touch line of label makers from a variety of label tapes in different sizes, colors and styles.

Post time: Jun-11-2019