How does an electric binding machine work?

An Overview Of Spiral Coil Binding

Coil Binding is a simple and convenient binding method, usually using Spiral Coil to concatenate the punched paper. Unlike Comb Binding, this binding method is not directly fixed, and the binding position of Spiral Coil can be manually adjusted. In schools and most office environments, there are a large number of files. Using Coil Binding Machines for binding, you can easily bind the book without any operation, saving more time and energy.


An Overview Of Electric Coil Binding Machine

Electric Binding Machine is generally referred to as Electric Coil Binding Machine. You can use its own handle to punch files, and then quickly connect files through the electric coil inserter to quickly and easily produce professional-looking bound books. In detail, the coil binding machine can punch holes of different sizes of paper (Letter size (19 holes), A4 size (21 holes), A5 size (15 holes)), and can easily customize the paper margins: 2.5mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm to create professional-looking works. Very friendly to use!

You should also be aware of the electric coil binding machine’s ability to disengage punching dies and adjust the margin depth. A disengaging machine, with selectable dies, will enable you to completely disable the punch and avoid half-holes later in the process. The adjustable margin depth allows the user to adjust the depth into the paper the holes are punched. This is helpful if you are going to bind reports or books of varying thickness.


How To Use A Electric Coil Binding Machine?

1. Before use, lay the binding machine steadily on the desktop, adjust the size of the comb opener; insert the document paper, and adjust the margin of the punching hole.


2. Press the handle

3. The coil goes around the hole 3-4 times.

4. Turn on the power swich, and make the coil touch moving roller to electric binding.

5. Cut and crimp both ends of coil with crimping tool.

6. Finish binding.


Post time: Sep-09-2021