2019 Sanheng Technology Orienteering Competition – Forge A Team Through Passion, Fulfill A Dream Through Cooperation

(2019 Sanheng Technology Orienteering Competition)

September 7th, 2019 is a special day for all employees of Sanheng Technology. At 7:20 am, more than 100 employees gathered downstairs at our company and set out on about an hour’s drive to our orienteering destination – Maofeng Mountain Forest Park. This natural forest park is surrounded by mountains and has picturesque scenery. All of us have indulged in the natural beauty brought by green hills and clear waters of our Mother Nature.

(Beautiful Maofeng Mountain Forest Park)

All employees signed their names on the banner to register their attendance at the orienteering competition and have then been divided into 10 teams, each with their own “unique” team slogan and team name, such as “Nezha Team”, “Passion Team”, “Eight Gods Team”, “Nine Beauties Team”, etc. This is a quick and great way to build team cohesion and enhance competitiveness among teams.

(All Employees Signing Their Names on the Banner)

(10 Passionate Teams Ready for Competition)

After that, the event host give the floor to Mr. Liu Qinjin, CEO of Sanheng Technology. Mr. Liu briefly talked about the purpose and significance of the orienteering competition and stressed once again the corporate culture of Sanheng Technology: Honesty, Responsibility, Efficiency, Innovation, Win-Win and Study. He hoped everyone could learn something useful from this activity and also wished this orienteering activity a success.

(CEO Liu Qinjin Making an Opening Speech)

Then comes the highlight of today’s activities: fun sports in the morning and orienteering competition in the afternoon. The fun sports consist of “Rainbow Walk”, “Penguin Run”, “Hang in the Air to Fetch Water with Eyes Covered”, “Walk in Line with Yoga Balls” and “Intense Relay Race”, all of which have its own competition rules and require wisdom, tactics and teamwork, etc. However, the orienteering competition in the afternoon not only asks for physical strength and perseverance, but also requires well-thought strategies and lots of collaboration. Let’s have a quick look at the great moments and highlights captured by our photographer in the following pictures.

(Rainbow Walk)

(Penguin Run)

(Hang in the Air to Fetch Water with Eyes Covered)

(Walk in Line with Yoga Balls)

(Intense Relay Race to Pass 5 Barriers)

(Orienteering Competition)

All the teams have showed their passion, enthusiasm, wisdom, tactics and team spirit in the activities. After the fierce competition of fun sports in the morning and orienteering in the afternoon, we now have our top 3 winning teams who are lucky to have 8 days, 5 days and 3 days of paid vacation respectively. CEO Mr. Liu Qinjin’s wonderful closing remarks marked the end of the special day of team building of Sanheng Technology.

(CEO Liu Qinjin Giving a Closing Address)

(1st Place: Nezha Team – Prize: 8 Days of Paid Vacation)

(2nd Place: Eight Gods Team – Prize: 5 Days of Paid Vacation)

(3rd Place: Almost Perfect Team – Prize: 3 Days of Paid Vacation)

(Group Photo of Employees of Sanheng Technology)

The significance of outward bound and team orienteering is far-reaching, which not only is beneficial to teambuilding and team cohesion, but also cultivates responsibility, efficiency, perseverance and team spirit in the hearts of people participating in the activities. Just as American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “When you do a thing, do it with all you might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object.” Sincerely hope all employees of Sanheng Technology could keep up the good work and strive for further improvement! Thanks everyone for your support and collaboration to have made this activity a grand success!

Post time: Sep-11-2019