2019: Ideas On Selecting Right Printer Cartridge Supplier

Finding the right supplier is crucial to every business. However, selecting the right printer cartridge supplier involves much more than examining a series of price lists. A great variety of factors such as quality, price, reliability, service needs to be taken into account regarding how to find and how to select the right printer cartridge suppliers. This article will introduce you where and how to find printer cartridge suppliers, considerations for choosing printer cartridge suppliers, and how to select the right printer cartridge supplier.

Where & How To Find Printer Cartridge Suppliers

Printer toner cartridge and ink cartridge are an important component of laserjet printer and inkjet printer respectively. With numerous printing consumables suppliers all over the world, we just feel at sea and have no idea where and how to start. For your convenience, we have specially summarized several sources and methods on where and how to find printer cartridge suppliers.

6 Sources on Where & How To Find Printer Cartridge Suppliers

1. Search for Suppliers on Google

You can first use some basic keyword search terms on Google to start your preliminary research. Use such words as “supplier”, “distributor”, “wholesaler” or “dealer” together with some keywords from your products to carry out searches on Google. For example, you can search “printer cartridge supplier”, “printer toner suppliers” or “toner cartridge dealers” on Google to find target printing consumables suppliers.

Apart from product names, you can also try product model numbers and brand names for Google searches. For instance, you can use “HP printer cartridge suppliers”, “Xerox printer cartridge suppliers”, “printer ink Canon”, “printer ink HP” or “wholesale HP ink” for keyword searches on Google. Go though each search result and look for “wholesale” link or get certain contact information like phone number, whatsapp number or email address to obtain further detailed information.

What’s more, if you want to find your local printer cartridge suppliers near you or find printer cartridge suppliers in a particular city or country, you can try searching “printer cartridge suppliers near me”, “printer cartridge suppliers in Durban”, “printer cartridge suppliers Cape Town” “printer cartridge supplier in China”, “printer cartridge suppliers in Australia” or “printer cartridge wholesale suppliers in India” to find your local printer cartridge suppliers.

2. Look for Major B2B Marketplaces

You can go to major B2B marketplaces to find the best printer cartridge suppliers. Start at Alibaba.com, which is the leading B2B marketplace with 2M+ quality suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. You can also look for other major B2B marketplaces based on which country or region you’re in, for example, Global Sources (USA), 1688.com (China), EC Plaza (Korea), Busy Trade (Hong Kong), and etc.

3. Attend Trade Exhibitions

One of the most effective ways to build and grow your business is to attend trade exhibitions. These events provide a great opportunity for you to communicate face-to-face with a number of potential suppliers and manufacturers in one place at the same time. Prior to your going to an trade exhibition, it’s advisable to check that the exhibitors are relevant and fit for your business. You can search for a trade exhibition by industry, date, city, country and/or event name. For example, RemaxWorld Expo, ReChina Asia Expo, RT Imaging Summit & Expo, etc. are major trade shows for the printing consumables industry.

4. Join Trade Associations, Industry Groups, Forums

If you have specific needs to a particular trade or industry such as printing consumables industry, there will likely to be a trade association which can match you with potential suitable suppliers. Join industry groups/trade associations, participate in online forums, subscribe to industry newsletters/magazines to obtain inside information available to you so as to build connections with the industry insiders and gradually build your professional network.

5. Check for Directories

If you are searching for printer toner cartridge and ink cartridge suppliers in your local area, it’s a great idea to check for industry directories such as Yellow Pages because many advertisers in the concerned industry will probably be product manufacturers or suppliers looking to reach you.

6. Ask for Advice

You can also seek advice from business advisors, friends or business acquaintances. If he/she has used its services of printing consumables business, you will probably get a trustworthy assessment of its business strengths and weaknesses by asking for advice from a particular someone.

Considerations For Choosing Printer Cartridge Suppliers

There are a lot of things to take into account when choosing printing consumables suppliers, especially when you want to choose the right printer cartridge suppliers. We have therefore listed the following several major considerations for choosing printer cartridge suppliers.

6 Considerations For Choosing Printer Cartridge Suppliers

1. Quality

Product quality is always a key factor to look into when choosing printer cartridge suppliers. Ink and toner cartridges play a vital role in the performance of inkjet printers and laserjet printers, ensuring that your customers will get crisp, clear texts and true-to-life photos. The quality of your printer cartridge supplies needs to be consistent. Keep in mind that your customers will always associate poor quality with you first instead of your suppliers.

2. Reliability

If your printer cartridge suppliers are unreliable without consistent delivery times or with shipments arrived incomplete, incorrect or even damaged, you’ll more likely to be let down when you’re rushing a big order during crunch time. A dependable printer cartridge supplier is always the one that you can rely on, in other words, a reliable supplier guarantees that you have access to what you need when you need them, not 3-4 months from when you placed the order. If you find that the delivery times are short and the potential suppliers meet or beat their schedule for delivery, you’ll know their level of reliability and rest assured to rely on them for important orders without worries about whether your products will be delivered to you on time.

3. Price

Price is certainly an important factor to consider when choosing printer cartridge suppliers to accompany you to grow both of your business. However, the lowest price doesn’t mean the best value for money. If you want your printer cartridge supplies to be reliable and quality-assured, you’ll need to figure out how much you are willing to pay for your supplies and find a balance between cost, quality, reliability and service.

4. Stability

Stability also matters. You’ll more likely to collaborate with printer cartridge suppliers who have been in the printing consumables business for a long time. This to certain extent means your potential suppliers have rich industry experience, good business reputation, stable supply chains, and established relationships and connections. If you find out that a particular potential supplier is brand new to this business with its businesses changing every few years, you’ll surely know that this supplier stands no chance to stay on your final list.

5. Financial Security

It’s also worth taking into consideration whether your potential suppliers are financially secure and stable. If your supplier doesn’t have sufficiently strong cash flow, he will probably unable to make promises to deliver what you want when you need them. Carrying out a credit check will help you know the financial status of a particular supplier and reassure you that the supplier will not go out of business when you need supplies most during crunch time.

6. Location

Printer cartridges ordered from a distant supplier may take a rather long time to deliver to you and generate added shipping charges accordingly. Figure out the time a shipment will take to get to your loading dock. What’s more, also remember to check out supplier shipping policies before ordering. You may try combing two or more orders into one to save on shipping fees. It would be even better if you’re able to find a printer cartridge supplier near you, as this will facilitate your cost savings and ordering flexibility.

Last but not the least, there are also other traits you want to find in your potential suppliers. You will want printer cartridge suppliers that can provide you with the latest, most-advanced products and services. These suppliers need to have well-motivated and well-trained staff to sell and service their products. It would be even better if they’re able to give you a variety of favorable financial terms on orders. Moreover, they should hold a realistic attitude toward you, so that they have the willingness and eagerness to cooperate with you for mutual benefits of businesses on both sides.

How To Select The Right Printer Cartridge Supplier

Right printer cartridge suppliers can do much more than merely provide you with the goods and services you need to grow your business. Reliable suppliers can also become important sources of information, helping you assess the potential of new products, track actions of competitors and identify promising opportunities. Suppliers can eventually turn into partners. If you failed to select the right supplier as a part of your business growth plan, you’ll probably regret it later. So the question is: how to select the right printer cartridge supplier?


1. Draw Up a Shortlist of Suppliers

Once you’ve figured out what you want to buy exactly and you’ve identified several potential printer cartridge suppliers, you can draw up a shortlist of suppliers that fulfil your needs. Conduct some research and try to narrow down your shortlist to no more than 4 or 5 candidates.

2. Compare Potential Suppliers

You can reach to your potential suppliers once you get a manageable shortlist and ask them for specific details that matter most to you, such as written quotation, product samples, delivery commitments, discounts for long-term or high-volume contracts, and what support you can get if you take printer cartridge supplies from them, etc. After all these, you can then make a thorough comparison and analysis of your potential suppliers based on the information you gathered.

3. Stable Supply of Goods

As for printer ink and toner cartridge supplies, you should also check whether your potential suppliers have factories related to printing consumables industry so that reliability and delivery can be guaranteed. For example, TIANSE has a large ink and toner cartridge factory in Huizhou with an annual output of more than 7 million pieces and 5 large warehouses nationwide, which can ensure stable supply and timely delivery, thus greatly reducing your local inventory costs.

4. ISO Certifications

Another good way to identify the right printer cartridge supplier is to check their ISO certifications. If the suppliers selected are ISO-certified, it means they have a proven, reliable system for getting tasks done and introducing improvements into their manufacturing process. For example, all TIANSE printer cartridges are manufactured in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facility using high-quality and non-toxic materials.

5. Lower Rejection Rates

Lower rejection rates, to some degree, mean that the printer ink and toner cartridges manufactured by a particular supplier are reliable with good quality and good performance. For instance, with strict quality control process and full inspection on all printer cartridges, TIANSE maintains an average goods rejection rate per model below 2%.

6. Negotiate Terms & Conditions

Once you’ve decided on the suppliers you’re willing to work with, you can then move on to negotiating terms and conditions and drafting or signing a contract for long-term mutual-benefit cooperation.

It can be difficult to find a printer cartridge supplier with all of the merits mentioned above. However, sometimes it doesn’t have to be. Ask yourself what matters most to you: quality, cost, reliability or service, and try to strike a balance between them. As long as you know where & how to find printer cartridge suppliers, things to take into consideration when choosing printer cartridge suppliers, and how to select the right printer cartridge supplier, you’ll eventually find the reliable and right supplier that best suits your needs.

Post time: May-14-2019