10 Best 3D Printable Creative Phone Stands

Phone stands are gradually becoming a norm in office or home circles due to the fact that they are a great way to keep yourself from losing your phone when busy as well as ensure your desk remains uncluttered during your working hours. A 3D printed phone stand is a perfect thing to print for 3D printing beginners or enthusiasts because it offers a bit of fun and is also a useful item. There are many free 3D models available on the Internet, and we’ve compiled a short list of 10 best 3D printable creative phone stands. You can either print one for yourself or someone close to you in need of one.

1. Universal Phone Stand
Universal Phone Stand

(Source: GoAftens / Thingiverse, thing:2120591)

Designed by 3D maker and designer GoAftens on Thingiverse, this phone stand is simple in design yet functional in use. It can fits phone models from different brands like Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei Nova, etc. The charging cable can go through the hole, and then you’re good to go. You need to add supports for printing this universal phone stand.

2. Phone Holder Stand

Phone Holder Stand

(Source: Maarten Kurver / Thingiverse, thing:525066)

This phone holder / phone stand is designed by 3D artist and designer Maarten Kurver on Thingiverse. It is a simplistic yet stable stand which would certainly not occupy too much space on your office desk. It is a very easy-to-print phone holder. With the short arm version, the phone will lean back more. This lovely phone stand will surely add a personal touch to your office or home.

3. Cat and Dog Phone Stand

Cat and Dog Phone Stand

(Source: Brendan Fezuk / Thingiverse, thing:2459052)

Designed by 3D maker and designer Brendan Fezuk / Itzafezookie on Thingiverse, these simple cat and dog phone stands are a quick print (approx. 2-3 hours) and a fun addition to any animal lovers’ desk. The holding portion of these stands (tail/lower back) are identical so they can be mixed and paired for use (cat/cat, dog/dog, cat/dog). These cute stands should be suitable for most phones/tablets/E-readers. Moreover, for smaller devices, you may only need one of these stands instead of a pair.

4. Octopus Tablet/Phone Stand

Octopus Tablet Phone Stand

(Source: Colin Payson / Thingiverse, thing:158069)

Designed by Canadian 3D maker Colin Payson / notcolinforreal on Thingiverse, this octopus stand is a tablet/phone stand designed with an octopus in mind. As its name suggests, it consists of beautiful octopus tails and a supporting base that acts as a carrier for your tablet or phone. The octopus stand is unique in design and fine in details, thus making it a proper phone stand for desktops with limited space. You can also check Colin Payson’s other versions of octopus stands on Thingiverse, and you shouldn’t miss these awesome octopus phone stand models.

5. Cute Fishes – Phone Stand/Card Holder

Cute Fishes - Phone Stand Card Holder

(Source: Fernando Jerez / Thingiverse, thing:2829440)

Designed by 3D hobbyist and 3D designer Fernando Jerez / Ferjerez on Thingiverse, the cute fishes stand is a beautiful piece that serves dual purposes. You can use it either as a phone stand or as a card holder. There are altogether four different STL files of these cute fishes. It is an easy and fast print (less than an hour). You can also use 3 or 4 perimeters for stronger horns and/or tentacles.

6. Whale’s Tail Phone Stand

Whale's Tail Phone Stand

(Source: Tim Moser / Thingiverse, thing:1100768)

This whale’s tail phone stand is designed by 3D maker and designer Tim Moser from Moby Inc, a mobile app development company based in Seattle. It is a phone stand that mimics a whale’s tail. Moby Inc originally designed this phone dock for their employees but later made it available for the public to download. This whale’s tail phone stand will surely be a conversation starter, right?

7. Minion Phone Holder

Minion Phone Holder

(Source: Alan Stanford / MyMiniFactory)

Are you a huge fan of “Despicable Me” movies and Mr. Gru’s minions? If yes, then this minion phone holder with one of the ever fun-looking yet helpful minion characters providing the necessary support for your phone will certainly light up your day. Designed by Alan Stanford on MyMinifactory, this minion phone stand is printed at 0.2mm resolution with 30% infill. After printing the parts, some simple assembly is needed. You can also paint this minion phone stand in the color you like to add it a personal touch.

8. Keychain Phone Stand

Keychain Smartphone Stand

(Source: Sonia Verdu / MyMiniFactory)

Designed by 3D artist and designer Sonia Verdu on MyMiniFactory, this cute phone stand is designed in small, practical, fun keychain style with different forms of animals. In addition to serving as a keychain, you can also use it as a functional phone stand. It is an aesthetically pleasing phone holder that will help maximize your desk space due to its size.

9. Horse Cellphone Stand

Horse Cellphone Stand

(Source: alavanimation / Thingiverse, thing:753337)

This beautiful horse cellphone stand is designed by 3D maker and designer alavanimation on Thingiverse. The phone stand is designed with a fine horse in mind, with the horse pushing its hind legs for necessary support for your phone. It is not only a useful phone holder for supporting your phone, but also a beautiful desktop ornament to your office or home. Moreover, there is also a v2 model available of which the designer increased the thickness where the base meets the legs, making it more stable.

10. Desktop Organizer with Phone Dock

Desktop Organizer with Phone Dock

(Source: Proto3000 / Thingiverse, thing:223393)

The last one on our list is a versatile desktop organizer with phone dock and pen holder altogether in one design. Designed by Proto3000 on Thingiverse, this multi-purpose desktop organizer is a beautiful thing which provides a measure of control to anyone with too much items on their desk space. This desktop organizer comes with multiple storage space – pen holders, a phone dock, a sticky note surface, a carrier for USB sticks and other similar devices. This practical desktop organizer will definitely provide you with easy access to your favorite pen and other desktop necessities.

Let’s call it an end and hope all of you would enjoy this short list of 10 best 3D printable creative phone stands that anyone with a 3D printer could print out for his or her personal uses or as a great gift for his or her loved ones. Do not forget to use our TIANSE high-quality 3D printer filaments for your 3D printing projects. As always, thanks for reading and happy 3D printing!

Post time: Jun-27-2019